11/19/05 WOD

Nov 19th, 2005

11/19/05 WOD

Tabata Squats
2 Minute handstand hold
2 Minute hold bottom of squat
90 Second handstand hold
90 Second hold bottom of squat
1 Minute handstand hold
1 Minute hold bottom of squat
30 Second handstand hold
30 Second hold bottom of squat
Tabata Push-ups

Scoring works as follows: Take the sum of your lowest Tabata squat round and your lowest Tabata push-up round; then divide that total by the number of efforts it takes you to complete the isometric holds. The highest score wins.

For example, if you scored a 22 on Tabata squats, a 20 on Tabata push-ups, and it took you 10 efforts to complete all of the holds for the prescribed amount of time, your score would be (22 + 20) / 10 = 4.2.

For the holds, the clock stops whenever you have to come down from the handstand or stand up from the bottom of the squat. The time only counts when you’re in a handstand or in the bottom of a squat. The lowest possible score you can get on all of the holds is 8, which means you were able to achieve all of the holds for the specified amount of time without having to break.

If you can score 5, you’re very fit. If you can score 6 or higher, you’re freakishly fit (CrossFit). A score of 5 could be obtained by scoring 20 on both of the Tabata efforts and nailing all of the holds without having to break.

Give it a try and post your results to Comments.