11/4/05 WOD

Nov 4th, 2005

11/4/05 WOD

Row 5K

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  1. Rob Barnum November 4, 2005 at 6:17 pm

    I’m a day behind (sort of status quo for my life)…

    13:26 – almost had a date with pukie. Plus, thank God, one of the good members of 24-hour fitness took a break from his preacher curls to point out that the kipping pull-up ‘wasn’t real’.

    So…even after having just finished the 11/03 workout (unnamed, I notice?), I challenged him to a quick pull-up contest. He argued that having just finished preacher curl (this is not a joke), he was not capable of doing his best (despite the fact that I had just knocked out 50 pull-ups).

    We won.