11/5/05 WOD

Nov 6th, 2005

11/5/05 WOD

Not sure what everyone was doing today, so taking the liberty…

5 rounds for time:

50 squats
10 ring dips

(Just got my rings in the mail and was on house arrest w/son napping).

Mike and I did this a week or so ago…still hurts the second time.

Post time to comments.


  1. Mike Minium November 7, 2005 at 1:20 am

    Yeah, that’s a good one. I’d like to revisit it at least once a month. And I’d like us to be able to do 5 rounds w/ 15 ring dips in under 20 minutes eventually.

    Also, the I changed the order of the workout that you posted, since that’s the order we did it in initially.

  2. Rob Barnum November 7, 2005 at 3:59 pm

    Yes…I started with dips too. Just posted it backwards.