13.4 Wrap-Up and 13.5 Heat Information

Apr 4th, 2013

13.4 Wrap-Up and 13.5 Heat Information

*** Reminder:  Uptown is closed today (Thursday April 4th) due to the Reebok photo shoot. ***


Dwayne, Michelle, and Katie at CFO during 13.4 this past Saturday

13.4 Wrap-Up

Just a quick wrap-up of last week’s Saturday Showdown with CF Sweat Shop.  It was another close one!  We managed to squeak by with an 8-6 victory, with points awarded as follows.  The number of reps each athlete got in the workout is listed as well.

Women Under 40
Candace Hester 108
Michelle Maehler 99
Tamara Holmes 90
Kristin Wise 86 (CFSS)
Rene & Dana 81 (CFSS)

Men Under 40
Rikus Pretorius 106 (CFSS)
Scott Lipp 102 (CFSS)
Justin McNulty 100
Patrick T 97 (CFSS)
Brandon B 96

Men 40-49
Mike Minium 75

Women 40-49
Leka Dobbs 72

Men 50+
Steve P 92

Women 50+
Lones Stern-Banks 81 (CFSS)

Open Workout 13.5 Heat Registration

In case you haven’t already heard–multiple times–we’re doing the final Open workout, 13.5, at CrossFit Sweat Shop.  If you’re planning on competing on Saturday (and I hope everyone will be able to go because it’s just too much fun not to compete alongside the Sweat Shop crew, and because they have a newly expanded facility that I’m really looking forward to seeing), you need to notify Nabil by commenting on the blog post here, giving your name:

13.5 Registration

Again, just to reiterate, if you’re planning on competing at Sweat Shop on Saturday (do it!), you need to say so in comments on their blog, following the link above.

And as always, if you’re not competing on Saturday, email us so that we can arrange for a judge.