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Apr 30th, 2007

Training with Injuries and Disabilities


Oscar Pistorius
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Oscar Pistorius (born November 22, 1986 in Pretoria, Gauteng Province) is a South African Paralympic athlete. Known as “The Fastest Thing On No Legs”, Pistorius is the double amputee world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres events. He runs with the aid of carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs.

Some random dude sustained a mysterious injury to the medial collateral ligament (on the inside of the knee). It looks like he will have to come up with some “crossfitty” routines which can be done on/with crutches for a while.

Post ideas for one-legged workouts, like those that Casey and Random Dude Jr. need to do, and other thoughts on training while injured.

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Apr 29th, 2007

What Skills Do You Want?


Mad Skills

Last weekend we held a free kipping pull-up clinic for those trying to develop their skill in that movement. Let us know what skill(s) you’re currently working to develop (e.g., muscle-up, bodyweight snatch, etc.) so that we can devote some resources toward your endeavors (whether in-house or outside of CFO).

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds for Time:

Run 400m
95-lb Overhead Squat, 15 Reps

Post load and time to Comments.

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Apr 28th, 2007

“There is no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovery”

Maximus entering recovery phase

Whether you are following the suggested three days on one day off protocol for the WOD’s, or are a Monday thru Friday CrossFitter, it is important to understand the role that recovery plays in athletic development. Improvements in strength and fitness occur only during the rest period following hard training. This process takes at least 12-24 hours to complete. If sufficient rest is not available then complete regeneration cannot occur. If this imbalance between excess training and inadequate rest persists then an athletes performance will eventually plateau and decline.

Some signs of under-recovery:
* Persistent muscle soreness
* Persistent fatigue
* Elevated resting heart rate
* Increased susceptibility to infections
* Increased incidence of injuries
* Irritability
* Depression
* Loss of motivation
* Insomnia
* Decreased appetite
* Decreased sexual performance
* Weight loss

The following is a common CrossFit periodization program used to moderate volume and intensity in order to and allow for successful athletic devlopment

Week 1-3 WOD as Rx’ed
Week 4 50% volume (either reps, time, distance, or weight or any combo that makes sense)
Week 12: Rest week / no WOD’s

Wiki on Sports Periodization:

Essential Recovery Tools

Sleep (8 hours)
Good Nutrition (ask us we can help!!!!!!!)
Fish Oil
Active Recovery on Days off
Contrast Hydrotherapy (5 rounds 30 seconds hot/30 cold)
Massage Therapy (try Beth Sweeney if you haven’t already)

***Use your workout log book to track your progress overtime, if you are under-recovered or verging on it, it will show in the numbers!**

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Apr 26th, 2007


“There is no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovery”
Some suggested formulas:
Week 1-3 WOD as Rx’ed
Week 4 50% volume (either reps, time, distance, or weight or any combo that makes sense)
Week 12: Rest week / no WOD’s

Tools for Recovery
Sleep (8 hours)
Self moderation of stressors (life balance)
Fish Oil
Active Recovery on Days off
Contrast Hydrotherapy (5 rounds 30 seconds hot/30 cold)

How can I tell if I’m underrecoverd/overtrained?
Sleep disturbance
Lack of Focus
Retrograde Performance

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Apr 26th, 2007

Workouts We Should Do


C’mon, don’t lie, you know you’ve thought of workouts that we should’ve done but haven’t. So now’s your chance to play smarty-pants trainer. In keeping with the community-driven theme, we’re going to give you an opportunity to come up with a workout that all of our members will do. The workout we like the best will be named after the person who suggests it. In addition, the winner will receive one of our new CFO t-shirts (see previous post).

To kick this whole thing off, we’re going to do a workout this Sunday that Jim Schmitz suggested at our Oly lifting clinic last weekend:

Clean & Jerk Bodyweight for 10 Reps

The weight must be controlled on the way down and it has to be touch-and-go at the bottom (pausing only long enough to set yourself for the pull).

So get busy and post your workout suggestions to Comments!

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Apr 24th, 2007

CFO T-Shirt Design Contest


“Suck it Up Buttercup”, and “Dangerous” are getting stale…we need some new one-liners that sum it all up. We will have a community wide vote on the best line and then go to print with that one in two weeks! Submit as many as you like–winner gets a t-shirt!

Three Bars of Death or Linda’s Little Sister:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight SUB: DB Presses
Clean: 3/4 body weight SUB: DB Cleans

Post t-shirt ideas and times/weights to comments.

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Apr 24th, 2007

POSE Running Clinic on May 5


We’re going to be having a POSE running clinic on May 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The cost will depend on how many people participate in the clinic (e.g., if 10 people participate, the cost will be around $50 per person).

The POSE technique will lead to the following improvements in your running game:

* Radically improved form
* Increased speed
* Better endurance
* Less injuries
* Increased flexibility
* Faster recovery time
* Improved concentration

The clinic is going to be taught by Tim Hill, a POSE-certified trainer who lives here in the Bay Area.

More on the POSE technique:

If you’re interested in participating in the clinic, either post to Comments or send us an email at

Today’s WOD:

50 Wall Ball Shots
50 Pull-Ups
35 Wall Ball Shots
35 Pull-Ups
20 Wall Ball Shots
20 Pull-Ups

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Apr 23rd, 2007

Jim Schmitz Oly Lifting Clinic

Jim S Oly Clinic.jpg

Sam, Carlo, Coach Schmitz, Kristine, Aaron, Shira, and Alex

Today we had our first CrossFit Oakland Olympic Lifting Clinic with Jim Schmitz. Special thanks to all who participated and to Coach Schmitz for putting on a great clinic!

We’re planning on holding more clinics with Jim in the future.

Today’s WOD:

OH Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Reps

Post to Comments if you’re interested in attending a future Olympic lifting clinic. Also post to Comments your workout results.

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Apr 22nd, 2007

Weightlifting Clinic with Jim Schmitz


Jim Schmitz, U.S. Olympic Team Weightlifting Coach 1980, 1988 & 1992,
President of USA Weightlifting 1988-1996, and author of Olympic-style Weightlifting for Beginner & Intermediate Weightlifters, will be teaching a clinic on Olympic Weightlifting at CFO from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. All the spots are taken for tomorrow, but for those of you who are looking to learn and refine your lifts we will be offering another clinic in the next couple of months–let us know early if you’re interested in participating, the list is growing!

Jim on the lifts:

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds:

10 HPC 115#
250 M ROW
20 Double Unders
10 DB Swings


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