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Aug 31st, 2007

Calling All Oysters!


We have five teams registered to participate in the San Fransisco Urban Race Adventure known as the Oyster Race on October 14th, 2007–less than 2 months from now! So teams, let’s get on it, we need to raise $300/team and plan for race day, lest we be passed by the throngs of professional racers with GPS systems and expensive kayaks!

Oyster Race Planning/Strategy Meeting!
September 5th (WEDNESDAY) at 8pm
please let us know if you cannot attend and we will forward you the notes and info you need…

Thank you to Laura Blair, who has now become the official event planner for the Oyster Eating Contest (while doing Fran?) and Fundraising Kickoff Event later in September.


WE WILL BE RUNNING A WEEKEND SCHEDULE THIS LABOR DAY- 9AM AND 10 AM CLASSES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 31st, 2007

Fun With Muscle-ups

This video demonstrates a few variations of the ring muscle-up, Dave is combining a ring row with a jumping ring dip, James is just down to plain jumping ring dips and Mike appears to be performing kipping muscle-ups on low rings (an issue you confront when the rings are placed on a 8 foot pull-up bar. There are also several variations of the bar muscle-up popping up here and there at CrossFit Oakland so keep your eyes open for a muscle-up that is right for you.

Can you name a muscle-up variant you have seen performed at CFO?

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Aug 30th, 2007

CFO’s Idea of Childcare

Kathy and Giorgi warming up

Some gyms have a special program so that parents can get their workout on– It usually consists of a T.V. and some crayons. At CFO, if your child is school aged, we can work together to incorporate them into the WOD and help expose them to the basics of CrossFit.


Class and Schedule Changes

Friday, October 31st- NO NOON CLASSES!!!
Labor Day- 9AM and 10AM CLASSES ONLY!!!

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Aug 29th, 2007

Quick Progress


Theresa during her final lunges of our 400m lunge workout

Theresa’s been training with us for just 4 months now and has already made some serious fitness gains. To wit:

* She has 14 kipping pull-ups
* She has bar muscle-ups
* Her bench press is in the triple digits (she just recently easily surpassed her benchmark goal of benching 3/4 of her bodyweight)

All of this is especially impressive considering that when she came to train with us she had nary a push-up nor a pull-up.

But none of this is all that surprising; Theresa has put in some serious work at CFO. She’s a regular, consistent member of the crew that trains Monday-Friday at 7 p.m. She’s earned everything she’s achieved (and has many more gains left to make).

Keep up the strong work, Theresa!

On the Potential Dangers of Excess Long-Distance Running

In case you haven’t already read it on, below is a great piece on how excessive time spent running long distances can be at odds with aging gracefully and maintaining one’s health. What’s nice about the article is that the guy writing it is actually quite an accomplished distance runner himself (e.g., 4th place in the Ironman), so he’s intimately familiar with how long-distance training works, and how too much time spent running long distances can actually accelerate the aging process (couple this type of training with a diet high in carbs–the two go hand in hand, after all–and you’ve got a recipe for disaster).

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Aug 28th, 2007

There is Fast then there is Crazy Fast


Tyson Gay (far right) is one of the most promising US short distance experts to come along in some time. He has a combined 100/200m time of 29.46 a few tenths of a second off Michael Johnson’s! This is rather impressive if you think about it this way, to run the 100m under 9.90s or the 200m under 19.80s is exceptional, to accomplish both times during the same event is stellar. When you see this guys finishing speed it is clear he is destined for great things.

Here is a nice USA Today article on the struggles Tyson has gone through to get where he is today.

Tyson took the gold medal in the 100m men’s final at the world championships this past weekend (look for him in the 200m finals on Aug 30th). If you enjoy track and field you should keep your ears to the ground for a new 100m world record.

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Aug 26th, 2007

New CFO Trainer: Tim Rickards


Tim Rickards is now a CFO trainer! Tim, along with fellow athlete/trainers Candace Hamilton and Shira Yaziv received their Level One CrossFit Certification in June, and will be coaching classes and providing private training services at CFO. Tim is an accomplished CF athlete, writer, and expectant father of twins! We’re really happy to have Tim joining the crew.


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Aug 26th, 2007

CrossFitters Are Cliff-Jumpers, Too



Allen and Amy cliff-jumping in Hawaii

More vacation photos from CrossFitters…

I guess sitting back on the beach and drinking pina coladas wasn’t enough for Allen and Amy. Looks like fun!

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Aug 24th, 2007

CrossFit, Anywhere, Anyhow!

Robyn, Robbie, Davis(standing in for a 35# Barbell) and the Okumu Boys

Today Robyn made a positive spectacle of herself at Temescal Park while knocking out a quickie workout we devised using small children and an approximated 400m loop. Fun for kids, good for mom!

3 Rounds
400 M Run
10 Push Ups (a few with a child partially on the back)
15 Thrusters with Robbie (`35#)

Post your last improvised workout to comments.

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Aug 23rd, 2007

CrossFit Works for Surfing, Too




James tearing it up in Indonesia earlier this year

James, who many of you know as “The Assassin,” recently returned to CrossFit Oakland after 4 months of surfing in Indonesia (we should all be so lucky). Even with a long layoff from training, there are still glimpses of his old assassin-like self and we have no doubt that he’ll be back in full force in no time at all. He’s hardly missed a beat, it seems.

Upon his return to CrossFit, in addition to passing along some photos, James had the the following to say about CrossFit:

Good to be back at CrossFit Oakland, and to see the old faces, as well as new ones.

Most of my travels were in Indonesia searching for waves. I found them, and my past CrossFit training was right there with me. I want to show off a few pics and share how CrossFit helped me. I thought I might notice a difference in paddling and energy, yeah, but it was more about the impact CrossFit training had on my “core” that gave me a boost. I could feel the difference in bottom turns and cutbacks. They’re right when they say the training is functional. Looking forward to getting back in shape. Nuff said….let’s do a WOD!

Thanks for the endorsement, James. We’re stoked to have you back with us again.

Rest Day WOD

After lots of rowing skill work, do the following:

15-12-9 Reps:

Kettlebell Swings @ 1.5 pood
Dumbbell Push Presses @ 40#

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