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Oct 30th, 2007

Holiday Party December 1!


We’re going to be holding our CFO holiday party at Luka’s Tap Room & Lounge on Saturday, December 1 (the same day as our Community Day Workout).

We plan on getting the eating, drinking, and pool-playing started at 6pm. As always, friends and family are welcome.

Mark the date and time on your calendar!

(And don’t miss out: Nicole’s going to be doing 15 burpees for every game of pool she loses!)


Don’t forget to come in costume on Halloween this Wednesday! I’ve already heard about some interesting costume ideas and will have camera in hand throughout the day. Don’t miss your chance to be memorialized on our blog.

In addition, we’ll be holding an alternative, Halloween-themed workout you don’t want to miss.

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Oct 29th, 2007

Halloween At CFO!


We will be awarding the CFO athlete with the most outrageous WOD costume (worn for the entire WOD) a surprise gift certificate (not CF related)! Mike has already upped the ante by promising to come dressed as a famous female Crossfitter! We will also award the most creative Halloween inspired WOD creation from a CFO member! Post your Spooky WOD to comments.

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Oct 27th, 2007

Starting Strength Second Edition


Perfect coffee table reading

My copy of the second edition of Starting Strength (which now includes the subtitle Basic Barbell Training) arrived yesterday afternoon. I finished reading it this morning. The book’s authors, Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore, have once again outdone themselves and come up with the best book I’ve read on the 5 basic barbell lifts: the back squat, deadlift, shoulder press, bench press, and power clean.

Rip and Lon have added significant material (in the form of prose and pictures) to the already thorough first edition of the book. In particular, they added an entire section on valuable assistance exercises for the 5 lifts (pull-ups are one of them!).

If you’re even mildly interested in training for strength (and therefore health), do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for yourself.

And more importantly, don’t neglect your barbell training! Your life just might depend on it (read the book to find out what I’m talking about).

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Oct 26th, 2007

Free Community Day Workout!! December 1st at 11 a.m.!!!

CFO’s Last Community Day Workout in the Park

We are having a Community Day Workout, December 1st at 11a.m. at CFO! This is an opportunity for anyone who has been curious and wants to give a WOD a try for FREE . We welcome all levels and abilities, the workout will incorporate fundamental CF moves and promises to be fun!

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Oct 25th, 2007

‘Nother Birthday!


Jason and Tina before getting their Tabata Something Else fix

Besides wishing Tina a very happy 30th birthday, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight Tina and Jason.

Those of you who come at 6am during weekdays or the Saturday 9am class on a regular basis will agree that Tina and Jason are exemplars of consistency, hard work, and a great attitude. Not only are they seeing some great results from the 3-on/1-off workout schedule combined with solid Zone eating, but they’re an absolute pleasure to train. Nicole and I are just bummed that they’ll be moving to London in January 2008! But we wish them the best (we’re just a little jealous, that’s all).

Keep up the strong work, Jason and Tina (and happy 30th, Tina)!

And here’s a link to Jason’s (aka “Jay”) blog:

Post birthday wishes to Tina in comments.

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Oct 24th, 2007

CFO Storage Space Available!


CrossFit Oakland has been the lucky temporary depository for a glute ham developer and a whole bunch of rubber bumpers thanks to Laurent (fondly known as Lau). We thank Lau for thinking of us and putting the equipment to good use instead of letting it sit around and collect dust!

Post your suggestions for a CFO-wide holiday party and gathering spot to comments!

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Oct 23rd, 2007

5 Block Burger



A great Sunday night dinner

I took this photo right before dinner last night. As you can see, it was stuffed so full that I couldn’t keep the onions and mushrooms from overflowing.

The contents:

* 6 ounces of ground buffalo from Prather Ranch
* 1 oz cheese
* 2 slices of Alvarado Street bread
* 1/2 cup mushrooms
* 1/4 onion
* A couple handfuls of mustard greens
* 2 slices of tomatoes
* 1/2 avocado
* A smattering of salt, pepper, and mustard

All of it together amounted to 5 blocks of protein, carbs, and fat.


Post your favorite food or recipe to comments.

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Oct 22nd, 2007

Golden West Open November 4th–Who’s In?

The Golden West Open is right around the corner–so far, the only CFO athlete competing is Franklin (Masters Division). We (Mike and Nicole) are both USAW Club Coaches and will be available the day of the event to coach of any CFO member who is interested in competing for the first time.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Focused Individual Training (FIT)
600 Rancho Shopping Center
Los Altos, CA 94022


Open to all USAW Members.
You can register or renew at the Meet through the USAW (you must have a credit card).

USA Weightlifting rules apply.
You must compete in a 1-piece lifting suit.

$40, $20 for under 20 yrs old (late $50 and $30)
Spectators Free

Post your intentions to wear a singlet to comments.

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Oct 21st, 2007

Kettlebell Seminar December 8


We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be holding a kettlebell seminar on Saturday, December 8 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Certified Russian Kettlebell instructors Gregg Althen and Kerry Kriener-Althen from Core Fitness Training will be teaching the seminar.

In this seminar you’ll see how to utilize kettlebells for strength, endurance, and/or explosiveness by learning how to perform swings, cleans, front squats, presses, and snatches with proper technique.

The cost of the seminar is $50. To register, contact us at 510-595-9348 or

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Oct 20th, 2007

Master the Basic Push-Up and then…

Mastery of the basic, entry level, push-up is a prerequisite. The standard for perfection disqualifies nearly everyone! A perfect push-up is a slow and deep with a body that is absolutely straight and taut.

Here is a progression that will keep most of us busy for a lifetime!

10 Push-up Milestones and Challenges (March 2003 CFJ)
1. 50 Honest Basic Push-ups
2. Ten Handstand Push-Ups
3. 100 Honest Basic Push-Ups
4. Fifteen Handstand Push-ups
5. Tabata Interval Basic Push-ups with 20 reps in each of the 8 intervals
6. One Handstand Push-up w/o use of wall
7. Ten Handstand Push-ups w/o use of wall
8. Fifteen Handstand Push-ups w/o use of wall
9. Twenty Handsatnd Push-ups w/o use of wall
10. One Handstand Push-up w/o use of wall on fingertips

…You Tube can be so mindlessly addicting…

Post your thoughts on the lowly push-up to comments.

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