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Feb 19th, 2008

CFO Athlete Spotlight: Marisa Sanchez-Dunning




A photo sequence of Mari’s jump serve

We wanted to take a quick moment to spotlight CFO junior athlete Marisa Sanchez-Dunning. Not only does she train at CFO (with her mother Audra), but she’s also a defensive specialist for the Golden Bear Volleyball Club. She also has one heck of a jump serve!

The photo sequence above was taken during one of Mari’s games over the weekend. She and her teammates were competing in a President’s Day tournament down in San Jose.

As a side note, Mari is killing the volleyball conditioning workouts, thanks to her CrossFit off-court training.

Post to comments and wish Mari and the Golden Bears luck for the rest of their season.

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Feb 18th, 2008

March Skill Seminar: Jump Rope Basics and the Power Jump AKA Double Under

Mini at the Buddy Lee Jump Rope Certification

This Thursday, (February 21st at 8p.m.) is our first skill development seminar on the Kipping Pull-Up. We plan on having monthly seminars–in March we will focus on jump rope basics and the double under, date TBD. All of the seminars will be $20. Please let us know if you plan on attending the kipping pull-up seminar this week!

Please post the seminar you would like to see offered at CFO to comments.

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Feb 17th, 2008

A Much-Needed Improvement!



More of Daniel’s handiwork

Our CFO dumbbell shanty finally got a major overhaul today, thanks to Daniel, resident CFO athlete and uber-welder.

He put together three gorgeous dumbbell racks that hold almost all of our dumbbells, and as a result, that section of the gym no longer looks like a disaster zone!

Post a giant thank-you to Daniel in comments!

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Feb 16th, 2008

Bachar Ladder

Climbing Casey!

Here is the entire passage on ladders found in Gymnastik für die Jugend (1793), on Ladder climbing:

“This practice in condusive to the maintenance of balance, to exercising caution in dubious situations, and to the strengthening of the hands and arms. We lean a wooden ladder against a wall; beginners learn without fear to go up and down. Then, as on a stairway, they go up without using their hands. They also practice on the rear or under side using the hands and feet. But as gymnasts, they also climb the rear side with hands alone, prohibiting the feet. In these situations the pupil is compelled to hang onto a rung, change hands on the rung, then reach for the next rung while his body hangs perpendicular.

In addition, he might climb up the under side, squeeze through the rungs at the top, and descend on all fours, with the head down and feet above. Herewith he hangs carefully with a foot hooked over a rung, alternating hands moving down. Another, wanting to test his flexibility, winds like a snake through successive rungs, from top to bottom. A third climbs the ladder the usual way, but once up he circles to the underside and climbs down without using his feet. A fourth climbs to the middle of the ladder, clasps the ladder firmly, and turns it around so that its front becomes its back, against the wall.

These little feats can be learned gradually. A ladder having eleven rungs is long enough. The gymnast must be ready to support and hold the beginner – only one can practice at a time.”

From CF HQ:

Post your early experiences with the ladder to comments.

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Feb 15th, 2008

Daniel, Loren, and Laura Take on Grace

We shot this a few weeks ago when Grace (30 clean-and-jerks for time @ 135#) last came up.

Strong work by all three!

Post to comments your favorite “girl” benchmark workout (Grace, Fran, etc.).

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Feb 14th, 2008

Nate Hardy Memorial Fund

Nate Hardy

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Last night CFO members raised over $400 in honor of Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy who was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq. Thank you to everyone who participated and special thanks to Daniel and Mike for being the focus of our philanthropic competition!

We’re making a list of the CrossFit Oakland athletes who have an MU (Muscle Up Club). Post to comments if you have one or more! If you have MUs post the single most helpful cue that helped you to get yours and any wisdom you gained in attempting an MU that would be helpful to those still working on theirs!

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Feb 13th, 2008

Tami Gets Her First Muscle-Up

Not much to say on this one other than sit back and enjoy!

(And big apologies for the annoying green screen and distorted video. I had to rotate the video, which we mistakenly shot sideways, and haven’t yet figured out a good way to render the final product. We’re working on it, though!)

We’ll also have video of Edgar and Chad in the coming days (the other two CFOers to get their first muscle-ups in the last three days).

Post congratulations to Tami on her first muscle-up!

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Feb 12th, 2008

Coming Soon: Slosh Pipe

Mike playing at San Diego CrossFit

We will be adding a slosh pipe to our toy box very soon! A slosh pipe is simply a 9′ length of 4” or 6” inch diameter PVC pipe with the ends capped, filled about two-thirds full of water ). Here’s how to make one:

Stuff you’ll need to make one pipe:

4 inch PVC pipe, mine came 10 ft long from Home Depot

2- 4 inch end caps

PVC Purple primer and cement (comes in a combo pack at Home Depot)

Water ~ 4 to 6 gallons.

Cap and cement one end first, add water and then cap the second end.

Post your favorite DIY piece of equipment to comments.

****Note on Tonight’s “Nate” WOD****

CFOer Brad Gilliatt has stepped up to the plate and agreed to donate $5 per round for the highest score in tonights Nate workout (performed as prescribed). For more info on donating money to the Nate Hardy Memorial Fund, click here.

Who else wants to step up to the plate and make a donation for tonight’s workout?!

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Feb 11th, 2008

CF Implementation at Berkeley Fire Department


Some of the CFO crew along with members of the Berkeley Fire Dept after their Saturday intro session

Nicole, Lau, and I had the privilege of training members of the Berkeley Fire Department this weekend. These two days were the first of a number of CF workout sessions that BFD will be doing over the next few months.

We’ll be at the BFD training tower the entire week, more or less, in this kick-off effort (don’t worry, classes at CFO will continue as usual). After that, BFD will be going through a 36-session ramp-up program where they work out in teams at the stations and become familiar with CF movements at the same time.

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Feb 10th, 2008

Heavy Metal Turkey Burgers

January Trainers Meeting

And for your Zone pleasure, yet another magnificent recipe from none other than Heavy metal Tom!

Heavy Metal Turkey Burger
1lb Ground Turkey Thigh (93% lean)
3 to 4 Tbs finely minced onion
1/2 piece of garlic minced
Parsley, oregano, red pepper, black pepper and salt to taste
2 tsp soy sauce

Mix well and form 4 patties to pan fry or grill.

Each Burger ~4oz or 3 blocks of protein.

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