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Mar 10th, 2008

Performance or Aesthetics?


Mudmen from Papua New Guinea

We’re going to venture down a different path than the one we’re normally on, the one related to performance, health, and fitness.

Let’s face it, we all care about how we look. The question that often vexes us, though, is whether we should focus on performance to achieve the look we’re after.

As many of you may already know, I’m a regular reader of Robb Wolf’s work, in particular his excellent blog. And since Robb is far smarter than I, I’m simply going to reference one of his entries on this very subject, rather than come up with something far less insightful and well-reasoned than Robb has already put forward.

The original entry, Performance-Based Aesthetics, can be found here. And the entire post has been reprinted below.

Read through it and post your thoughts on the topic to comments.

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Mar 9th, 2008

What do you do at CrossFit Oakland?



We need your help!

Given 4 sentences (or less) , how would you describe your experience at CFO to a complete stranger–someone who is new to CrossFit and group training?

We are working on a postcard and thought we’d turn it over to the community to mull over in hopes of coming up with a clever, succinct and compelling description of the experience that is CrossFit at CFO. If we use your description you get a free month of unlimited training and a hug from Mike.

Post your best CFO advertisement to comments.

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Mar 8th, 2008

Another CFO Birthday!


Connie showing off her handstand skills

Last week Laura B celebrated her birthday. And now we have another one to celebrate.

Today was fellow CFO athlete (and trainer) Connie’s birthday. She turned the ripe old age of 25!

Post birthday wishes to Connie in comments.

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Mar 6th, 2008

The CFO Throwdown Blog


The CFO Throwdown (CFOT) has taken on a life of its own. Between all the PRs that are being set and the banter between some of our participants, we need a separate mechanism for showcasing all things CFOT-related.

As such, we’ve thrown together the CFO Throwdown blog.

Look for updated point totals for all CFOT participants on the blog tomorrow morning.


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Mar 4th, 2008

Change to CFO Throwdown Scoring Rules


It’s all about the numbers

After much feedback from all of you, and some deliberation on our part, we’ve changed the scoring system for the CFO Throwdown going on this March.

Points will be awarded per the following scheme:

* 5 points for first place
* 4 points for second place
* 3 points for third place
* 2 points for doing the workout as prescribed
* 1 point for completing the workout
* -5 points for missing the workout

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Mar 3rd, 2008



We’ll be keeping the gym open today from 1pm until 5pm for anyone who wants to come in and do today’s WOD, Linda, ahead of the evening classes. If you have any flexibility in your schedule, please take advantage of these extended hours!


A much-needed break

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating once more: you need to rest and recover in order to make gains in fitness and enhance your health.

Whether it’s getting a good night’s sleep, taking a break from workouts, or getting away from it all and taking a vacation, recovery is paramount for sustainable health and fitness.

I had the opportunity to spend some time up in Wilbur Springs this weekend, basically doing nothing but eating a lot, sleeping even more, and spending time in hot and cold natural springs (there’s nothing quite like jumping from a 40-degree cold bath directly into a 105-degree hot spring to remind you you’re alive).

Not only did it allow my body to recover, but it gave me some much needed perspective and the chance to think about what’s really important in my life.

I’d encourage everyone to do the same!

Post to comments any strategies or methods you have for stealing away some much needed down time, whether we’re talking an hour here and there throughout the week, your favorite vacation spot, or whatever you need to do to keep it all in perspective.

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Mar 1st, 2008

Throwdown After Party Feast


Looks like we’re going to need a post –THROWDOWN Community Feast to celebrate the end of what will definitely (if blog posts are any indication) be an intense month at CFO! Fellow Crossfitter, and chef Lance V, has graciously offered to cook us a feast! Everyone is welcome, and we will let folks know if sides or desserts are needed as the date approaches.

Here are the details:

CFO Community Feast
Sunday, April 13th at 4p.m. (4p.m. class will moved to 3p.m.)

Post your R.S.V.P. to comments.

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