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Nov 30th, 2008

Another Dynamic Stretching Video


Here’s another nice video of a dynamic warm-up being done by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics:

Dynamic Warm-Up Video

This one is longer than the one we posted last week, and these are the type of mobility exercises you should be doing every day you come in to work out. The good ol’ 15-second repertoire of neck circles and arm-waving just doesn’t cut it.

Watch the video and incorporate these exercises into your daily warm-up, if you haven’t already done so.

Are there other dynamic warm-up movements you include in your warm-up?

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Nov 29th, 2008

Prather Ranch Beef Delivery Day!

Prather Ranch Meat available at the Ferry Building SF, Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market (Sat), and Temescal Farmer’s Market (Sun).

Beef posse take note: the Prather beef will be available for pick-up at Crossfit Oakland from 6:00PM to 7:30PM on Friday,December 5th. Scott will have marrow and knuckle bones available to purchase a la carte.

Bon apetit!

On Prather Ranch from Food and Wine magazine:
At Prather, animals are allowed to mature for 16 months or more—almost twice as long as typical beef cattle. In their final weeks, they’re fed a fine-tuned mixture of grains, all of them organic, none of them corn (which can play havoc with bovine digestion). read more:

Props to Scott V. for making the cow purchase possible!

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Nov 27th, 2008

Team Workouts


In the spirit of the CrossFit Games, we’re ushering in the holiday season with a team workout for tomorrow’s rest day. This will be the first of what we hope will be many team workouts.

Team workouts are a great way to engage in a little friendly competition. And just like with our standard CF workouts, they offer plenty of variety. They run the gamut in terms of how many athletes per team, the length of workout, the exercises used, etc.

Tomorrow’s workout places a strong emphasis on near-peak power output. In other words, this is a fairly high-load, short-duration workout.

Tomorrow’s Team Workout:

3 Rounds for Time:

3 back squats
6 thrusters
9 burpees

The workout will be done in relay fashion, using two-person teams. So teammate 1 starts off, goes through all 3 squats, all 6 thrusters, and all 9 burpees. The moment teammate 1 finishes the ninth burpee, teammate 2 then jumps in and goes through the same sequence (thus allowing teammate 1 to recover a bit, resting until teammate 2 is done with his round). After teammate 2 finishes his ninth burpee, it’s back to teammate 1. This sequence continues until both teammates have finished 3 rounds each.

For those of you who are looking for a good show, MJJ and Manwell have challenged Brandon and Connor to this workout. They’ll be going during the 10am class tomorrow and the weights they’ll be using are 275# for the back squats and 175# for the thrusters.

Any betting types out there? Any prognosticators? Let us hear it in comments.

And who else will join in on the Team Workout fun? Pick a weight that’s challenging and get to it!

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Nov 26th, 2008

The Berkeley Fire Department Academy

The recruits just after Fight Gone Bad
Rowing for Calories

CrossFit Oakland is proud to be a part this year’s Berkeley Fire Department Academy in which eleven recruits have undergone rigorous physical training, comprehensive classroom work, as well as manipulative training with hoses, ladders, water supply, hazardous materials, wildland firefighting, emergency medical services, confined space operations, auto extrication, live fire training, rope rescue and Berkeley geography. The current Academy has trained for 11 weeks, and will graduate mid-December!

The new firefighter-paramedics remain on probation for 24 months before they become permanent employees of the City of Berkeley. During probation, the fire fighters must complete a 6-month, 12-month and 18-month examination.

Congrats to the 2008 BFD Academy to comments.

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Nov 26th, 2008

Bobby Hutton Memorial Benefit Nov 29-Dec 6


I wanted to draw some attention to two of our CFOers who are also artists: Nicole and Sham.

Both will be showing their work at the Luggage Store Gallery from November 29 through December 6, as part of the Bobby Hutton Memorial Benefit.

The opening reception is this Saturday, Nov 29 from 8pm to 10pm. It would be great to see a lot of CFOers there supporting our in-house artists, as well as the other artists who are showing their work (there are a ton of them!). If you can’t make the opening reception, fear not, the gallery is open Wed-Sat from 12pm to 5pm.

For more information on the Bobby Hutton Memorial Benefit, go here:


So far we have the following people registered for Angela’s clinic on Saturday, Dec 13: Sherrill, Michael G, and Leigh. Three spots are still available.

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Nov 25th, 2008

Dynamic Stretching


Prevailing wisdom among coaches and kinesiology researches these days posits dynamic stretching as the superior way to prepare the body for rigorous athletic movement. The Scorpion, bear crawls, straight leg marches, and handwalks are a few of the dynamic stretches we use at CFO that send what researchers call “an excitatory message to perform” to the muscles in your body.

A good CrossFit warm-up will do a few things: loosen muscles and tendons to increase the range of motion of various joints, utilize movement patterns that mirror those used in the WOD, and warm the core temperature of your body. The static warm-up stretches we were taught in grade school (touching your toes for 20-30 seconds) as young athletes may actually hinder our athletic performance, and according to current research, make us weaker!

Dynamic Stretching Routine from Catalyst Athletics:


Post your favorite dynamic stretch to comments.

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Nov 23rd, 2008

CFO Olympic Lifting Sunday Sessions

Just a reminder on the heels of today’s clean-and-jerk workout, if you’re looking for slightly more instruction than Dimas’s coach was giving him in the video clip above, remember that every Sunday we have an Olympic lifting session from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, led by our USA Weightlifting club coach, Angela Lim.

The cost to drop in on a session is $20.

And just for the record, that’s a 468-lb clean-and-jerk.

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Nov 22nd, 2008

Cow Share


The wheels are in motion for our group cow-share! The ETA for our 40lb boxes of beef is Friday, December 5th. Scott, from Prather Ranch, will bring knuckle and marrow bones for those of you who want to buy them a la carte ($3.50/lb) on the same day the boxes are delivered.

Please note that we will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day!

Post a Thanksgiving WOD that requires no equipment to comments.

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Nov 21st, 2008

Davey’s Finisher

We captured Davey messing around last weekend, and showing us various pulling- and climbing-related skills, as he went through his post-WOD finisher. Watch as he traverses the room without ever touching the ground!

Next time, throw in the bachar ladder, though, Davey. You goin’ soft on us or something?

Props to Davey and his creative finisher in comments. Also, let’s suggest how he might top it (hip pullovers?) in version two.

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Nov 20th, 2008



CFO Upcoming Events and Schedule Changes

F.U.E.L. (Feeding U Energy for Life) SEMINAR:
SATURDAY December 6th, 2008 from 11am-1pm
As much as it pains us to admit, even with the world’s greatest training program at CFO, you won’t see changes in body composition, health or performance without addressing how you eat. The majority of our top performers follow various forms of “clean eating” – ask around!

Our F.U.E.L. seminar will cover everything from the science of food (the why) to what you should eat for your individual body type (the how).

Cost = $100/person or $150/family (Lunch is provided). To R.S.V.P. call (510) 595-9348 or email us at sign up on the Community Board (by the jump ropes)!

CLEAN CLINIC with Angela Lim
Sunday, December 13th from 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Angela will focus solely on the Clean, one of the two Olympic Lifts. The clinic will include one or two models who have placed in recent local and national Olympic Weightlifting competitions. Besides performing the lift itself, participants will be taken through a series of specific warm-up and stretching exercises in addition to being provided with videotape analysis and feedback. Please come prepared to provide totals for your max front squat, max dead lift and max hang squat clean.

Cost = $75 per/participant. Participation will be limited to the first 6 participants to provide a check, cash, or online payment to CFO. Please also sign up on the Community Board near the jump ropes. We will confirm entry into the class by posting the names of the participants on the CFO website the week of the Clinic.

TRANSBAY HOLIDAY WORKOUT & PARTY! Wednesday, December 17th, Starting @ 6pm with a special Holiday WOD. Crossfit San Francisco will be hosting a Holiday Workout and Party at the Sports Basement located at 610 Old Mason St in the Presidio, San Francisco. This is a wonderful opportunity to schmooze with like-minded crossfitters and check out the CFSF facility and clientele. RSVP to Mike or Nicole.

Saturday, December 20th @ 6pm
The Okumus will be hosting the CFO Holiday Party at their Oakland home. This elegant soiree will be catered by our very own Lance V. Come by and raise a glass of Holiday cheer and celebrate the season in style.


DAY After Thankgiving – Weekend Schedule (9am, 10am, 4pm ONLY)

DAY After Christmas – Weekend Schedule (9am, 10am, 4pm ONLY)

NEW YEAR’S EVE – Regular AM classes, 4pm class replaces 5pm, 6pm & 7pm (no evening classes)

DAY After NEW YEAR’S – Weekend Schedule (9am, 10am, 4pm ONLY)

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