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Jun 7th, 2009

The Nasty Nine is Done!


The 6am class chipping away at the second-to-last workout of the Nasty Nine

Today was the last workout of the Nasty Nine, but CFO programming is not done with.

For the next couple of months, we’re going to continue with the experiment. We’re going to be entering into a phase of hybrid programming. Basically, over the next couple of months, on any given day, you could be doing a CFO-programmed workout, a workout, or even a CF Football workout. Also, in the spirit of the CF Games, expect there to be some team workouts on a regular basis as well.

And then, every third month or so, we’ll do a month straight of workouts as a litmus test of sorts.

Since many of you are coming off of the Nasty Nine, tomorrow will be a rest day. You can do the WOD, make up any missed WODs, or work on skill development (in other words, the standard rest-day fare).

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Jun 6th, 2009

Prather Ranch Beef Purchase Anyone?


We wanted to get a preliminary show of hands to see how many of you would be up for another Prather Ranch Beef purchase. We need approximately 12 people to partake in order to make it happen. Please post to comments if you’d be interested in purchasing ~40lbs some of the finest organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef around. the cost will be in the ball park of $240 for forty pounds.

Look for a follow-up post in the next few days for details.

“Proteins with a Soul and a Face” by Robb Wolf –






*For presses, barbell must be cleaned off the ground.

What is your favorite protein source? Post to comments.

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Jun 5th, 2009

Daniel’s Work of Art


Just one of the pull-up bars Daniel has built for us

Although many of you have been thanking Daniel for his outstanding work on our pull-up bars via comments on other posts, we thought it was time to do a proper thank-you and highlight his work in a stand-alone post.

By the way, my photo does not do his pull-up bar justice (I’m no TomC, Melissa, Alex, Megan, etc.).

So let’s give it up for Daniel in comments (and thank him in person if you run into him at the gym, too).

Tomorrow’s Nasty Nine WOD

I’ve been receiving comments here and there about how short the recent workouts are, wondering why there haven’t been as many long metcons lately…

Careful what you wish for.

“The Devil Does CrossFit”

5 Rounds for Time:

21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 75#/55#
21 DB Thrusters @ 40#/25#
21 Burpees


We’re holding a free “Community Day” workout this Saturday June 6 at 11am. We’ll be doing the workout at our new gym here on 5741 Doyle Street. All are welcome!

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Jun 4th, 2009

Life Academy at CFO!


Big thanks to Candace H (former math teacher for Life Academy) for helping CFO to continue taking part in Life Academy High School’s programming. Over the last two weeks thirty girls have come to CFO to meet with with Mike, Tamara, Audra and myself for two-hour sessions in which we introduced them functional fitness via CrossFit programming. Our goals this year were to:

1. Teach each student three barbell/weight bearing moves
2. Teach each student three or more bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere–no gym necessary.
3. Encourage each student to continue to be fit and healthy by sharing with them a piece of our own life and enthusiasm for fitness.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, and to the girls for showing up and making it so worthwhile!

For more on Life Academy click here.

5 Rounds:
5 Deadlifts (315/205)
15 OHS (95/65)

***********free COMMUNITY DAY ON SATURDAY @ 11A.M.************

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Jun 3rd, 2009



M.C. Escher’s Relativity

The first six workouts of the Nasty Nine are done with, and it’s been an interesting experiment thus far.

I wanted to step away from the results of the competition for a moment, though, and talk about the importance of perspective when it comes to things like the Nasty Nine. When every other post of late is about the CF Games or the Nasty Nine, it’s easy to get caught up in it all. Competitions can be a fun way to energize people’s workouts, but it’s almost always just a temporary thing.

CrossFit is a skill-based fitness program. Both of those pieces–the skill part and the fitness part–are critical.

The skill component is huge, yet more often than I care to admit, it’s pushed aside, or even worse, ignored altogether (and this is my fault, in case you’re wondering). In the pursuit of a time or number on the whiteboard, technique gets compromised, or even worse, people resort to the minimum standard required for a movement to be considered legitimate. Although this is often necessary in CF competitions, is it really the most legitimate path to getting stronger, faster, and fitter over the long term? And will it address weaknesses (and ultimately eliminate them)? If someone has issues with depth on the squat, will barely getting down on the squat, sometimes achieving proper depth, sometimes not, be the best way to address said depth issues?

For the competitive types out there, who would you rather be: the guy who practices a squat over the longest range of motion possible, and is pleasantly surprised when competition standards are easier than his own personal standards, or the guy who does the opposite, who always tries to skirt the edges, and is caught off guard when competition standards are made tougher?

CFHQ trainers often describe the following model for CF skill acquisition (and ultimately fitness itself):


In this model, you first have to develop solid mechanics (or movement patterns). You then have to be able to repeat those mechanics until they become rock-solid after repeat exposure. And then, and only then, do you add intensity (either speed of movement, increased load, or both).

You’d do well to understand where you are on this spectrum of development.

The second part of the CF equation is that it’s a fitness program. Fitness, as it’s defined in CF, is a hedge against sickness. See this picture for a visual of what I’m talking about (from CF Ventura). And this means that CF is ultimately about your own health and fitness. I’m going to say more about the health-and-fitness piece in a follow-up post, but let me just give you a couple quick take-aways:

* Emotional health is just as important, if not more important, than physical health.
* The CF workouts you do at our gym should directly and positively contribute to your emotional health, just as surely as they do to your physical health.

And finally, keep this in mind: Your workout is your workout, regardless of what others have to say, and no matter how good their intentions are.

It’s past my bedtime, and I’ve really jumped all over the place on this one. I’ll consider it a success if just one sentence I’ve written resonates with you.

Comment away.


We’re holding a free “Community Day” workout this Saturday June 6 at 11am. We’ll be doing the workout at our new gym here on 5741 Doyle Street. All are welcome!

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Jun 2nd, 2009

Community Day at CFO this Saturday!


We will be having a FREE Community Day open to anyone who is curious about CFO and would like to try it out! We will teach some basic CF movements and follow-up with a team WOD. Join us from 11a.m. to 12p.m. this Saturday, June 6th.


Also: This month we begin a new “Fundamentals” Class that will run 6pm to 7pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

The purpose of the Fundamentals class is to expand on the foundational movements learned in the intro sessions. In each session, we will cover one key CrossFit movement, with a big emphasis on technique development and refinement. The session will finish with a workout that often incorporates the foundational movement covered in that same session. In addition to teaching you our foundational movements, we’ll give you progressions for developing key bodyweight movements such as pull-ups, push-ups, and ring dips.


And, last but not least, our very own T. Holmes is having a birthday tomorrow and a little bird told us that her greatest wish is to have everyone she encounters on her birthday sing to her at the top of their lungs (bonus points for eliciting the participation of strangers and those passing by)! Let’s make her dreams come true!

Tomorrow’s Nasty Nine WOD:

5 Rounds for Time:

Row 250m
7 Thrusters @ 135#/85#

Post to comments.

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