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Jul 1st, 2010

Athlete Spotlight: Biggie!


Biggie showing us just what brown can do for you

This week’s Athlete Spotlight goes by many names.  Some of you know him as Bad Brad, Biggie, or any number of other more colorful monikers.  Brad has been a fixture at CFO for as long as I can remember and it is really not quite the same the rare times that he does not pull up on his motorcycle to grace us with his presence. 

Most of us know Brad as that guy who yells profanities at himself as motivation prior to going for a PR or that rather disturbing fellow on the forum who refers to himself in the third person or the best-dressed pimp in the palace (see photo).  But he is also one of the most generous people to ever grace the gym floor.  Brad is responsible for, among other things, the venue for our past few Holiday parties and upcoming pool party, the occasional (fully-stocked) luxury box at an A’s game, water bottles, coolers and t-shirts, competition track suits, that large green tent that goes with us to all competitions and events, the slushy machine, the new gym timer at the roll-up door and of course oodles and oodles of complimentary adult beverages. And not once has Brad been asked to provide any of it — it just shows up as needed.

As an athlete, Brad is a curious mix of one who pushes himself in relentless pursuit of some skill or goal and also one who picks up calls on his mobile during an intense met-con.  You never know which guy will show up, but either way, he gets the job done with style.  He is consistent both in his attendance as well as his unwavering support for his fellow CFO-ers.  He always stays to the bitter end of any workout in order to lend encouragement until each and every one of us has finished.

By the way, he didn’t want me to mention it, but I am just so proud: If you have a chance, check out the forum post he just put up titled:  "I can no longer accept the violence in Oakland" and read about yet another side of Bad Brad that might just force us to come up with a new nickname for him.

Post your own words of encouragement to Brad (as well as nickname ideas) in comments.

Name: Bradley Gerard Gilliatt
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 175#
Age: Almost 44 ?

Q: How long have you been a member at CFO? 
A: August 07, a couple of days before Funny Socks (aka Michael A. Gardner, my good buddy!) ?

Q: What is your day job?
A:  I work many hours a day in marketing for Pernod Ricard USA.  It’s a nice combination of suits/ties and t-shirt/jeans.  Every time you drink Absolut, Jameson, Malibu, Kahlua, The Glenlivet, Seagram’s Gin, Beefeater, Martell, Presidente, Chivas, Ballantine’s, Hiram Walker, Plymouth Gin, Fris…… are contributing to my annual bonus.  Thank you.

?Q: What is your athletic background?
A: I love playing all sports, but there’s only one sport I’ve ever been good at – downhill skiing.  There was a time when I could ski the bumps like Johnny Moseley (except for the aerials) and I’ve only been beat downhill once.  Back then I could party til 2am (I did, actually still do) and then ski all day.  Anyway, I can’t ski like that anymore, and now it kind of bores me.  So for the past five seasons or so, I just go once or twice a season. ?

Q: What is your favorite strength move? 
A: Shoulder Press, cuz I rock it out.  I can SP more than Tamara (by a lot) and I think the same as Brandon.  Maybe I should be on the Games team?

Q: What is your favorite met-con? 
A: The ones where Daniel Hester gets all sweaty and then vomits.  Those are the best! ?

Q: What is your proudest achievement? 
A: I remember my first pull-up!  I was so so so happy about that.  So dang funny.  It was basically a dead hang, but my feet/legs were going back and forth like a little fish trying to swim upstream!  ?

Q: What is your most desired goal?
A: To complete Murph rx.  And I’m disappointed I haven’t.  ?

Rant or Rave:
Rave – obviously I love CFO.  Great owners and trainers and staff….and pretty cool people.  (Except for Manwell, that dude gives me the hebejebees)

Rant – I heard something from two women (both foxy) this week which bummed me out.  They said CFO can be a very intimidating place.  Super fit people, moving quickly, throwing weights around, me with my shirt off, etc.  I just want to say to all perspective CrossFitters –- don’t be intimidated.  There will always be someone stronger, faster, weaker, slower and fatter and fitter than you.  Half the battle in life is showing up.  So do it! ?

Important Stats:  I did a 10:16 rx’d Fran the other day, hungover, tired and Dawn yelling in my ear.  I’ll beat 9:06 on my birthday, Sept 6th.  If I don’t, I’ll have a treat for everyone! 


PS – if you want to know about my new cause, please go to (and thank you).

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