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Apr 30th, 2011

CF Games Workout 6 Heat Schedule


BrianC, Manwell, and Brandon during Workout 5 of the CF Games Open

The heats are set for Workout 6 of the CF Games Open Sectional.  See the PDF attachment below.

Workout 6 is the following:

Max Reps in 7 Minutes:

3 Barbell Thrusters @ 100#/65#
3 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
6 Barbell Thrusters @ 100#/65#
6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
9 Barbell Thrusters @ 100#/65#
9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
12 Barbell Thrusters @ 100#/65#
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

For an overview of the movement standards, go here:

We’ll be briefing you on the movement standards at 11:10am.  The heats will be run in 15-minute increments, and there will be 5 heats total.

Competitors:  Get some!  It’s the last workout of the Sectionals!

Judges:  Check your email for judging assignments.

(And if you don’t see your name on the heat schedule, send us an email and we’ll get it straightened out.)

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Apr 29th, 2011

K-Star on Knee Pain


In Dawn’s post last Saturday asking for volunteers for a corrective exercise study, a number of you brought up issues you’re having with knee pain.

In the video above, which is part of K-Star’s outstanding Mobility WOD Project, K-Star himself demonstrates a number of mobility exercises you can do to help alleviate that knee pain.  Remember, if you’re pushing hard in our workouts, you need to make sure you spend extra time taking care of your body before and after the workouts (and on rest days, which should really be thought of as active recovery days).

And of course, if you’re not up-to-date on solid squat technique (and the resulting knee pain that can occur with poor technique), watch these two gems from K-Star on knee positioning in squats:

K-Star on Knees in the Squat, Part 1
K-Star on Knees in the Squat, Part 2

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Apr 28th, 2011

Home is where the WOD is…


Location X: Could this be the future CFO 5.0?? 

Yes, the rumours are true – we are leaving our beloved Doyle Street location.  We would love to stay indefinitely, but the winds of change are blowing through E’ville and our current location is set for demolition this summer to make way for some lovely condominiums.

We have known this was coming and have been hard at work trying to find the perfect next (5th) home for CFO.  Here are some of the items on our agenda:

– Location:  We have been looking in Emeryville exclusively in an effort to stay as close to our current location as possible.  We know that many of you schedule your transportation, etc around 5741 Doyle St and we want to keep disruptions to your routine to a minimum.  Plus E’ville is just plain cool.

– Facility:  Again, we have been looking for a space that is close to what we have now, because we believe it works rather nicely.  In our search, we have opted for low-crime streets, parking, bathroom facilities and loads of natural light.  However, we have opted to avoid sink holes in the floor and loading docks that flood when it rains. 

– Permanence:  This time around it is our intention to sign a long-term lease and stay put for years to come.  It is common knowledge that moving is very stressful, even if it is a positive thing and you are ‘movin’ on up’ like the Jeffersons.  According to the moving website

Getting ready for a move can be very stressful. In fact, the Employee Relations Council reportedly ranked moving as the third most stressful life event, following closely behind death and divorce. On the positive side, there are several moving tips you can take to make the event less upsetting for you and your loved ones. 

As soon as we officially sign a lease, you will all be the first to know all of the ugly details, including shameless begging for moving day help (3rd weekend in May good for you?).  And to offer a few tips of our own:

– Sometimes the grass actually IS greener.

– CFO could be anywhere, as long as you are all there. 

– This is a fantastic excuse for a party!

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Apr 27th, 2011

Fish Oil, Anyone?


Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil

A few of you have asked us recently if we’re going to do another group fish oil purchase, so we figured we’d put it out to the rest of you.

We get the best price break if we get 12 or more people to buy the fish oil.  If we get that number of people, it will be about $40 for a bottle, which will hold you over for about 40 days (so $1/day for high-quality fish oil).

For more information on Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil, read up:

If you want to go in on the order, say so in comments.  Please include the number of bottles and the flavor of cod liver oil you want.

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Apr 26th, 2011

CFO Volunteers Needed for a Great Cause!


Booth in the middle of an overhead squat during CF Games Open Workout 11.5

Many of you know Ellie, who has become a regular at our evening classes.  Ellie’s a teacher for ACORN Woodland, which is a small public school in East Oakland.  Once a year, she’s involved in organizing a Sports and Fitness Fair at the school.  And she’d really love to expose the kids to a little bit of CrossFit this year.  Read on…

Here’s what Ellie has to say about this year’s Sports and Fitness Fair:

I’m organizing a Sports and Fitness Fair at my school again this year and I’d love to have some CFO volunteers come out and share their enthusiasm for exercise with our youth!
ACORN Woodland is a small, public school located in East Oakland , just walking distance from the Oakland Coliseum. We serve 250 students Kinder-5th grade. Physical fitness and nutrition are essential elements of our school’s mission. We firmly believe that a successful educational experience preparing all students for college must include a balance between rigorous academic preparation and an education of the whole child. We consistently encourage and nurture social, emotional, cooperative and team-building skills through competitive and non-competitive sports and games. Before leaving our school, each of our students has a chance to find their niche in the world of physical fitness and feels successful in a variety of core sports and recess games. This year, we’d love to diversify the skills with some Crossfit elements!
I attached the parent flier for the event. It is on Friday, May 20th from 9am-12pm. I do need volunteers to stay for that whole time block in order to make things equitable for the students.
The volunteers can plan their own station or have me plan one for them. I have lots of equipment volunteers can use or they can bring their own. They will teach to a group of 12-14 students at a time for around 10 min. and then a new group will rotate through.


I will personally be setting aside my morning to volunteer for this event and would love to have many more of you join me.

To recap:

What:  ACORN Woodland Sports and Fitness Fair
When:  Friday, May 20 from 9am to 12pm
What’s Involved:  Running kids through a CF-style workout or skill session in 10-minute increments

Post to comments if you can volunteer, and please include your email address!

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Apr 24th, 2011

Volunteers Needed for Corrective Exercise Study

 foam roll.jpg

I (Dawn) am looking for five people to take part in a study I am doing for my certification.  I am looking for people that have a nagging pain in their shoulder, neck, knee, low back that comes and goes and the cause of it is unknown to you.  You also must be willing to spend 2-3 hours a week for 6 weeks on a rehab program that will (hopefully) alleviate this problem.

What you will get: a complete postural assessment and movement screen, a comprehensive corrective exercise program that includes mobility, stretching, and rehab exercises, and appointments to review and update this program.  I will also take before and after pictures.

Please submit your name and area of complaint to comments and I will contact you.  

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Apr 23rd, 2011

CF Games Workout 5 Heat Schedule


The heats are set for Workout 5 of the CF Games Open Sectional.  See the PDF attachment below.

Workout 5 is the following:

Max Rounds Plus Reps in 20 Minutes:

5 Power Cleans @ 145#/100#
10 Toes-to-Bar
15 Wall Ball Shots @ 20#/14#

(Note:  Women’s wall ball target is 9 feet)

For an overview of the movement standards, go here:

We’ll be briefing you on the movement standards at 11:10am.  The heats will be run in 30-minute increments, and there will be 6 heats total.

Competitors:  Get some!

Judges:  Check your email for judging assignments.

(And if you don’t see your name on the heat schedule, send us an email and we’ll get it straightened out.)

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Apr 22nd, 2011

The Return of Sports Saturday and Super Sunday


Leigh getting up and over the bar in Workout 11.4 of the CF Games Open

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks.  We’re resurrecting Sports Saturdays and Super Sundays.  We intend to do both of them about once a month going forward.

For those of you new to either of these concepts, you gotta try ’em.  For Sports Saturdays, we learn about the basics of a particular sport and then play a friendly game afterward.  So far, we’ve done this for football and rugby (we did the touch version of both sports, not the tackle version).

For Super Sundays, we take some classic CF benchmark workouts and get after them.  These are often the benchmark workouts that take too long during the course of a standard one-hour group class (such as the CrossFit Total, Barbara, and the Filthy 50, as examples).

We’ll be rolling out dates for both of these after the Games season gets done with.  Look for the first Sports Saturday and Super Sunday to go down in late May or early June.

In the meantime, post to comments any requests for Sports Saturday events or Super Sunday workouts.

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Apr 21st, 2011

The Secret is Out

Charles Barkley has committed to starting CrossFit.  I’ve also heard that Kelly Clarkson is a fan.  What does this mean?  Is CrossFit the new Kabbalah?  I have to admit that it gives me a certain thrill to hear CrossFit mentioned in mainstream media.  Once or twice I have even been stopped on the street as someone recognizes my CrossFit t-shirt.  Each time I responded with a ridiculously big smile and more than a little gushing.

On the other hand, I must admit to feeling a bit like jealously guarding this amazing and wonderful find and keeping it all to myself.  I am not sure I want the media and Hollywood to embrace CrossFit.  Yes, some of the pleasure comes from knowing that we are a part of a little-known underground fitness movement. Fitness elitism?  Perhaps…

What about you?  How do you see CrossFit? Little known, misunderstood, red-headed step-child?  Or the next big thing?  Which celebrities or sports figures do you think should get on the CF program?  My vote:  My good friend Gwyneth!

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Apr 20th, 2011

Gary Taubes Is At It Again



(Thanks to Trevor for passing along the link to Gary Taubes’s latest NY Time piece.)

Strap yourself in, the article I link to below is a long one (9 internet pages, whatever that means).  Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, and more recently, Why We Get Fat, has done his level best to bring everyone up to date on sugar (be it sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup) and its potential role in many of the maladies and/or diseases that plague western society (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and maybe even cancer).  The backdrop for his article is Robert Lustig’s now-famous (by internet standards) "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" YouTube video (which as also been discussed on this blog).

So put your feet up, get your reading glasses on, and read up:

Is Sugar Toxic? (Source:  NY Times)

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