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Aug 11th, 2011

Best Wishes to our favorite Baby Mama!!


Dawn, before she swallowed a Wall Ball 😉

This week we are celebrating all that is feminine at CFO – from Femme Fit coming up this Saturday to a brilliant photo-documentary on the women of CFO that Dawn posted last night.  

Speaking of Dawn, most of you probably didn’t know this, but Coach Dawn is pregnant 😉 Her due date is right around the corner and this is her last official week of work before she goes on maternity leave.  Let’s take a moment to wish Dawn well as she prepares to welcome Son #2 to the already fabulous Miller household.  

All the very best to you, beautiful Mommy!  We will anxiously await the arrival of your little blessing, as well as your return to coaching.  

Dawn’s due date is officially August 30th, but feel free to post your best guess as to actual birth date in comments.

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Aug 10th, 2011

Hail, CFO Women!


Here’s Dawn’s latest and greatest video, this time a tribute to all of the women at CFO.


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Aug 9th, 2011

Femme Fit This Saturday!

Reminder:  Dawn will be holding a free shoulder clinic Tuesday, August 9 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (in two half-hour sessions).  Don’t miss it!


We’re less than a week away from Femme Fit, the only all-women’s competition of its kind.  And this time around, it’s even more special because we have 14 women from CFO competing, and for many of them, it’s their first competition since the CF Games Open back in the spring. 

Let’s give a big shout-out to these 14 women:

Ann G
Sarah K
Michelle M

Talk about some strong representation!  Get some!

CFO Closure

Because Femme Fit is going on, and because it would be great to get as many screaming CFO fans out to the venue as possible, we’re going to close CFO this Saturday.  We’ll be back to normal hours on Sunday (8am, 9am, and 10am).  Hope to see you guys out at Femme Fit…just look for the CFO Jameson tent!

About Femme Fit

The Venue:  Alhambra High School Track

The Workouts:  Femme Fit Workouts and Standards

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Aug 8th, 2011

Paleo Apple Muffins

Here’s the recipe in case you don’t feel like watching the whole video:

1 apple, grated
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
2 1/4 cup almond meal (in the baking aisle @ whole foods, Berkeley bowl)
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped (or more if you’d like)
1/2 cup raisins (or more if you’d like)
1/3 cup water
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
4 eggs

Directions: Use a fork to mash the banana in a large mixing bowl.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Scoop batter into well greased muffin tins filling only 3/4 way full. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. 

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Aug 7th, 2011

Team CFO Represents at Solano Summer Slam!


Team CFO following the Solano Summer Slam

If you’ve been following the chatter on our CFO Facebook Page, you already know it, but in case you’re not an FB devotee, we sent two teams to the CF Solano Summer Slam, and they finished in first place and ninth place…two teams in the top 10!


Team 1 finished in 9th place:  


Team 2 finished in 1st place:

Tom S

According to everyone on both teams, the highlight of the day was Tom S pulling the final 750 meters in the final workout, which pushed Team 2 over the top and got them the victory.  He was declared MVP of Team CFO.

And props to Blaire and Armando for taking part in their first CF team competition.

Strong work, Tom, and strong work by all!

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Aug 6th, 2011

Team CFO at CF Solano Summer Slam!

Reminder:  If you’re going to the Strength Saturday class tomorrow, you need to email to reserve your spot.  The class is now limited to 8 people.  See this post for more information.


The CF Games just finished, yet already there are competitions kicking off all over the place.  Next Saturday is a big one for the women of CFO:  Femme Fit!  We’ll be posting about Femme Fit on Monday, so stay tuned to the blog for more information on this great event.

For now, there’s another competition going down tomorrow, Saturday, August 6th:  The CF Solano Summer Slam.  This looks like a brutal team competition with some nasty workouts.  It will be great pre-Games-season test.

CFO will be sending two teams to represent the gym, as follows:

Team 1:


Team 2:

Tom S

To read up on the workouts (4 of them), read the following post on the CF Solano blog:

Get some, Team CFO!

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Aug 5th, 2011

Shoulder Clinic with Dawn Tuesday August 9


Journey testing her shoulder flexibility

The shoulder joint is involved in so much of what we do in CrossFit, whether it be presses, pull-ups, isometric contractions (handstand holds, overhead squats, snatches), or throwing movements.  In short, our shoulders get a lot of work.  If you’re not careful with them, they can put you out of commission, and nothing is more frustrating than sitting on the sidelines, unable to train.

With your shoulder health in mind, we’ve scheduled a free clinic for all CFOers on shoulder health and maintenance.  Dawn will be leading the clinic, so you’ll be in great hands and will come away with a bulletproof plan to follow for strengthening your shoulder joint, increasing the flexibility about the joint (if necessary), and keeping you in the game.

Dawn will be holding two half-hour sessions Tuesday night, August 9:

6:30pm – 7:00pm
7:00pm – 7:30pm

Here’s what Dawn had to say about the clinic:

I would like to present a routine that can be completed in 30 minutes that would keep the shoulder healthy, and/or increase flexibility and strength in a shoulder that needs it. We will go through some myofascial release techniques, stretches, and then a few strengthening exercises. This will be a general routine for shoulder fitness. After the second class, I will be available to answer specific questions.

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Aug 3rd, 2011

What’s up on the Yard?

Yard Aug2nd.jpg

5pm Class warming up in the Yard

Well, it is August and the last official month of summer has started.  While I know we have all been enjoying the Summer Camp feel of CFO these last few weeks, we want to get back into the building.  To that end, we have been working very hard to gain legal access to our indoor facility so that we can have a bit more choice as to where we hold our WODs.

So where are we now?

Last week the City’s Planning Department unanimously granted our Conditional Use Permit.  This was a very positive step as it demonstrates that the City of Emeryville sees our establishment as a positive addition to the community. 

However, there were several major conditions attached to the permit, which is why we are not yet allowed to conduct our workouts inside the building.  Fortunately, we were aware of these conditions and have been working to satisfy them over the last few weeks.  We feel we are very close to presenting a complete package to the City and have requested a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  If all goes well, this TCO will be granted very soon and allow us to occupy the building while we satisfy the remainder of the conditions listed in our use permit.  When we have a solid date, we will be sure to let everyone know right away.  We’d love to be able to give you a specific date right now, but thus far, we’ve had to revise our timeline every couple of weeks, which can be frustrating (to all of you as well, I’m sure).

Besides Mike and myself, there is an entire team involved in the various pieces of this project.  We cannot express our gratitude for all of this assistance as well as the patience and understanding of our wonderful clients.  We are scheduling quite a few fun, helpful, and free offerings over the next few weeks and will publish details on this blog as well as our Facebook page.  The first one is coming up next Tuesday, and we’ll be posting details on it tomorrow night.

Keep on sending those positive vibes and getting your Prison Yard fitness on and as always, send any questions or concerns over to

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Aug 3rd, 2011

Changes to Strength Saturday Classes

Kelly Deadlift Warmup

Kelly warming up the deadlift

After a two-week hiatus, Strength Saturdays will resume this weekend promptly at 4 PM on August 6th. As those who attended the last few sessions noticed, the class size increased to a point where it was difficult to provide the individualized coaching that has made the strength classes the unique experience that they are. While having too many participants is a nice problem to have, a few changes are in order to help preserve the quality of instruction.

Firstly, the class will be limited to eight participants. When we have more than eight, it takes too long for me watch everyone’s work sets. The hallmark of the classes is that all the participants receive focused coaching while they are under the bar. With 10 or 12 people, the wait time between sets gets to be too long. In order to avoid this situation, participants need to sign up in advance. Eventually, this will be handled in a more sophisticated fashion, but for now if you would like to attend a Strength Saturday class, email me at Alas, the days of dropping in without signing up are at an end.

More changes are on the way and will be rolled out in the coming months, but the big one is the cap on attendance. I look forward to this Saturday and wish you all a good week.

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Aug 2nd, 2011

Form Follows Function, and Why It Matters


Sarah at the top of a burpee

We’ve been hammering home the importance of strength training, even for things like fat loss, the last couple of weeks with articles devoted to the subject (see here and here).

So now you might be asking how much is enough, when it comes to strength training, especially if your goals are fairly modest, such as simply looking good naked.

Fortunately, a fellow CrossFitter has already laid out some quantitative guidelines that answer the old "look good naked" question.  Check out his article here:

Why should I care about how strong I am if I just wanna look better naked?

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