2012 CrossTown Throwdown Wrap-Up

Oct 8th, 2012

2012 CrossTown Throwdown Wrap-Up


CFO and CF Sweat Shop before it all went down

Another year, another CrossTown Throwdown.  Before I write anything else, I want to congratulate CF Sweat Shop for coming in and handing it to us.  For those keeping score at home, CF Sweat Shop won this year’s throwdown 14-6.  It was a convincing win, to be sure.  They earned it.

Even though we lost the throwdown, I was really, really proud of the effort everyone put forth, as well as the support we had at the gym.  It was an electric environment!

In no particular order, here are a few of the highlights (this list is by no means exhaustive; everyone had some tough and gritty moments):

  • Carrie going beast mode on all of her events.  She would have been undefeated in every event she did, if not for letting go of the rope a little early in one of the tug-of-war heats.  Seeing her do all 45 thrusters unbroken in the Fran-Off was a sight to behold, too.
  • Brandon missing all of his attempts at a 135-lb snatch in his warm-up, and then rattling off 8 touch-and-go snatches to start off his set once the workout began.  He really raised the level of his game when it was time to compete.
  • Aaron more or less being forced into the 800m/Overhead Squat workout and producing, nailing all 9 of his reps (3 sets of 3) at a weight above his bodyweight.
  • Karl and Joe P gritting their way through their kettlebell swings and pull-ups in their round of Helen.
  • Mariko and Carrie dominating the bench press competition, wining by 20 reps.
  • The Mama Bear women (Michelle M, Mariko, Beth, Katie, Sherrill, and Ellie) winning their workout going away .
  • The double-under crew (Michelle M, Joey, Sierra, Katie, Hyo, and Robyn) representing CFO and pulling off a victory in their double-under/shuttle sprint workout.
  • Katie and Kirsten rowing their arses off.
  • Joey and Sierra climbing, climbing, and climbing that rope.  Over and over.
  • And the whole entire tug-of-war effort!

Again, this is just a quick snapshot, and by no means a complete summary of all of the accomplishments of everyone who competed and all of my favorite moments.

Even though the score didn’t end up going our way, you guys and gals all did us proud!

If you want to see some photos from the event, check out the 2012 CrossTown Throwdown album on our CFO FB page.  And special thanks to Ann G and Sara M for taking the pictures.