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Apr 2nd, 2013

Uptown Closed Thursday April 4th


Leka getting after Open Workout 13.4 this past Saturday

A big heads-up to everyone…Uptown is going to be closed this Thursday April 4th.  There will be no group classes all day.  The good folks from Reebok are going to be in town doing a photo shoot there.  We feel fortunate that they thought so highly of Uptown to select it for one of their catalog shoots.

Just because Uptown is closed, it doesn’t mean you still can’t get your training in.  You’re more than welcome to come on over to Emeryville (just another reminder about your CrossFit Oakland membership:  you can train at either facility).

We’ll be back to our regular Uptown schedule on Friday April 5th.  And in case you didn’t already hear, we’ve rolled out more classes in April.  We’ve added Mon/Wed/Fri 6am and Tu/Th 5:30pm classes.  Check out the Uptown schedule for more information on our class days and times.

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