A Building Update and a Goodbye

Aug 26th, 2011

A Building Update and a Goodbye


Lilly at the plate for Team USA

Fire Inspection a Done Deal

Before we get to our farewell, I wanted to give an update on the building to all of you.  On Monday’s post, I wrote that we were working to get the fire inspection done within the next couple of weeks, that it was a huge step for us, and that I’d update you as soon as the test was done with the results.

Well, yesterday afternoon, we had the fire inspection (which I learned of about an hour before it happened).  And the good news is, we passed the inspection!

So what does this mean?  This was a huge step for us and if we didn’t pass the inspection, there was no way we were going to get back into the building.  We now have a couple of items left on the City’s checklist to finish off, and as soon as we get done with that, we’ll present our case to the City and ask them to let us move our operation back into the building.  I don’t have a definitive timeline, but we’re looking to present our case to the City as quickly as possible.  As soon as we get to that point, I’ll be sure and update everyone.  

We’re one step closer, without too many steps left.  Whew!

Farewell, Lilly!

We’ve given a lot of well-deserved ink in the past to Tami and her Team USA Baseball exploits, but did you know that we have another Team USA Baseball player training at CFO as well?  Lilly!

Look, here’s proof:  Team USA Women’s Baseball Roster

Although I’m happy to shed a little light on Lilly’s athletic pursuits, it’s also a little bittersweet because tomorrow (Friday 8/26) is Lilly’s last day here at CFO.  The real world is calling her, and she’s shipping off to Boston (with apologies to the Dropkick Murphys) to start a new job.  She’ll also be training for next year’s world championship run as part of Team USA, too.

We’re going to miss her, but since her mom also trains at CFO, maybe she’ll come back and visit us every once in a while.

In the meantime, if you see her in one of the evening classes tomorrow (she usually trains at either 5pm or 6pm), wish her well.  And let’s show her some love on the blog, too!

So long, Jacobson, but don’t be a stranger!