A Little Inspiration for the Olympic Lifts

Sep 28th, 2012

A Little Inspiration for the Olympic Lifts

Ilya Ilin working up to a 192.5 kg (423 lb) snatch in training

Last Sunday, at the Olympic Weightlifting meet that took place here at CFO (read up on Mune’s achievements in said meet here), I was turned on to a Kazakh lifter named Ilya Ilin by legendary US coach Jim Schmitz.  Jim was at the London Olympics this past summer, and he said that Ilin was the lifter, and athlete, of the Olympic Games, in his opinion.

I did a little bit of research on Ilin, and it turns out he’s ridiculous!

Here are a few facts about Ilin:

  • He hasn’t lost in a major competition (either the Olympic Games or the World Championships) since 2005!
  • He competes in the 94 kg class (206 lbs).
  • He holds the clean-and-jerk record in the 94 kg class with a clean-and-jerk of 233 kg (512 lbs), which he set at the London Olympics.
  • He holds the world record in the 94 kg class for weightlifting total (the sum of the top snatch and the top clean-and-jerk) with a total of 418 kg (919 lbs)!

Watch the video above.  Check out how he moves, how he gets set, how he contacts the bar at the hip, and how he catches in a stable position at the bottom of the snatch.  Great stuff!