A Saturday of Competition for CFO!

Sep 30th, 2012

A Saturday of Competition for CFO!


The CFO MudKilla Team before they got down and dirty

It was a day of competition for many at CFO, with CFOers competing at two separate venues.

Starting early this morning, the MudKilla Team left for Patterson, where they competed in the Tough Mudder.  We’ll provide a full recap in the coming days, but for now know that they all survived, and for some on the team, it wasn’t even a big deal.

Meanwhile, three CFO masters competitors (old guys, in other words) competed at CrossFit West Santa Cruz in the Diamond of the Tough competition.  We’ll provide a full recap on the blog tomorrow evening, but the short story is that Lance finished 7th overall, Patrick 8th overall, and some other guy finished 7th overall.

We’ll also be posting videos as they become available on our CFO Facebook Page, so check there, too.