Another Woman Does Lynne As Rx’d!

Feb 23rd, 2008

Another Woman Does Lynne As Rx’d!


Candace looking way too happy while doing an L-hold on the parallettes

A while back, we gave major props to Tamara for becoming the first CFO woman to ever do Lynne as Rx’d. Lynne is one of our benchmark workouts (5 rounds of max bench press reps at bodyweight and max reps of pull-ups).

Well this evening, not only did Candace join the “Lynne As Rx’d” club, but she nosed out Tamara for best performance of the day.

I was fortunate enough to witness both performances and it was extremely inspiring. Ultimately, the score doesn’t matter. It’s really about doing the workout as prescribed.

Post props to Candace and Tamara for their big-time performances in this really tough workout.