April is “Train Your Weaknesses” Month

Mar 22nd, 2008

April is “Train Your Weaknesses” Month


Even the strongest chain can fall apart with a weak link

While the details are still being worked out, Nicole and I have decided to make the entire month of April an opportunity to train your weaknesses. Whether it’s handstand push-ups, L pull-ups, high-rep sit-ups, or whatever, we’re going to be offering up workouts on a daily basis designed to address the chinks in your armor.

The national site WOD will still get its just due and figure prominently as the staple of our programming, but there will be an alternative workout thrown together as well on a daily basis.

This will be a one-time thing, however. We’ve seen the results that the national-level programming has to offer and are not planning on keeping the April format intact indefinitely.

With that in mind, post to comments the weaknesses you’d like to work on in April. Those of you participating in the CFO Throwdown should have plenty of experience to draw upon, so don’t be silent!

***REMINDER 1***

There will be no 4pm class on Easter Sunday. The 9am and 10am classes will run as normal, however.

***REMINDER 2***

We’ll be rolling out our 7am Fundamentals class beginning next Monday, March 24. This class will run 3 days/week (MWF) and allow you to hone your skills in our foundational movements and beyond.