Article Round-Up

Oct 11th, 2011

Article Round-Up


Information and graphic courtesy of the NY Times

In no particular order, here are three interesting articles for you to read.

Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

In this NY Times piece, Mark Bittman lays out a case for calling foul on the common claim that eating junk food is cheaper than buying food and eating in.  He also describes several reasons why kicking the junk-food habit is so hard (from marketing to engineering to political to cultural).

Butter is Better

This is a nice little summary of a study from the 60s until the late 80s that tracked heart attack incidence in those who ate butter vs. those who ate margarine in varying degrees.  The good news for the butter fans:  it appears, at least according to this study (and again keeping correlation in mind, as opposed to causation), that butter eaters suffer fewer heart attacks.

Exercise Does the Brain Good

Here’s another article on the benefits of exercise on the brain.  Yes, the study was done on mice, and yes, the study looked at the impact of aerobic exercise on said mice, so take it for what it’s worth.

May 4th, 2011

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Article Round-Up


Moses getting after a muscle-up in Workout 4 of the CF Games Open Sectional

A couple of quick articles for you guys to read through…

Another Article on the Dangers of the Chair

In this recent NY Times article, sitting, and more generally living a sedentary lifestyle, is the latest practice to be raked over the coals.  The gist of the article is that sitting takes time away from moving, and that moving is what keeps us healthy.  So in this case, it’s not actually the sitting itself but the opportunity cost of sitting (or lying on the couch, or doing anything that takes away from time that could be spent moving around) that’s the real danger.

12 Ways to Improve Recovery

Everyone who’s trained at CFO for more than a week has learned that our workouts are challenging in more ways than one.  But challenging yourself on the workout floor is only half the battle (if that; one could make a strong argument for it being only a quarter of the battle, if we take eating, sleeping, training, and recovery into account).  You need to devote a commensurate amount of time to recovering from the quality work you put in on the gym floor. 

With that in mind, here are some great ways to tackle recovery:  12 Ways to Improve Recovery

Mar 1st, 2011

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Article Round-Up


New Moses!

A couple articles worth reading…

A Reversal on Carbs

From the LA Times:

Although this stuff is constantly talked about within the friendly confines of CFO, it’s nice to see some mainstream discussion of excessive carbs, their ascendancy in the modern diet, and their potential to wreak havoc on your health.  This article doesn’t demonize carbs; it merely points out the pitfalls of getting too much of them.

Got Pull-Up?

This article  from the Urban Gets Diesel Blog came up in the comments of an earlier post on our upcoming pull-up clinics, thanks to Joseph.  I thought it was worth posting here, in case you guys missed it the first time.

In this wonderful piece, Melissa Byers lays out a strong and convincing case for making the dead-hang pull-up your first priority (especially if you’re a woman).

Read it here:

May 25th, 2010

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Article Round-Up


High-level coaching at its best

A couple articles for you…

Woman’s Day:  7 Weight Loss Transformations

7 couples are profiled in this article on successful methods of weight loss.  One of the couples, Timothy and Eileen, went the CrossFit route, regularly committing to training at CrossFit Chicago, along with eliminating processed food from their diet.  This 1-2 punch led to their losing a combined total of 54 pounds.

They’re the couple in the article who are going PSR in the photo (a CF tradition).

Read the full article here:

(Thanks to Sagnik for passing along this article.)

Increase in Police and Fire Candidates Failing Fitness Tests

This article discusses a trend in various police and fire departments around the country that are seeing an increase in the number of police or fire recruits failing the physical fitness test that’s administered in order to get into the academies.

Read the full USA Today article here.

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