Ashley, Beth, and Sarah Compete at Uptown!

Jul 15th, 2013

Category: Community

Ashley, Beth, and Sarah Compete at Uptown!


Ashley, Beth, and Sarah before their first snatches this morning at Uptown

This morning at Uptown, to cap off the conclusion of Oakland Strong’s first 10-week training cycle, three members of Uptown, Ashley, Beth, and Sarah, took part in a friendly (unofficial) Olympic Lifting meet.

In the sport of Olympic Lifting, you get three attempts to find your 1-rep max snatch, and then 3 attempts to find your 1-rep max clean-and-jerk.  You add your best snatch of the three attempts to your best clean-and-jerk of the three attempts, and you get your total.

These three ladies did great, with a lot of PRs all over the place (in snatch, clean-and-jerk, and total).  They even had to put up with one very stingy judge (there are three judges who decide if the lift is good or not, based on the rules of the sport; if at least two of them say the lift is good, it counts).

I can’t wait to see how they progress, and hopefully they will step up and compete in a USAW meet in the future!