Jul 15th, 2013

Ashley, Beth, and Sarah Compete at Uptown!


This morning at Uptown, to cap off the conclusion of Oakland Strong’s first 10-week training cycle, three members of Uptown, Ashley, Beth, and Sarah, took part in a friendly (unofficial) Olympic Lifting meet. In the sport of Olympic Lifting, you get three attempts to find your 1-rep max snatch, and then 3 attempts to find […]

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Jul 12th, 2013

Femme Fit Prep Workout This Saturday at 11am!


  As we posted a couple days ago, we’re going to be doing Femme Fit prep workouts for the next four Saturdays, from 11am to 1pm, leading up to the competition.  If you’re doing Femme Fit, take advantage of these sessions.  But even if you’re not doing Femme Fit, but are interested in competing at […]

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Jul 11th, 2013

Welcome to the New Website!


  Just in case you didn’t notice…we have a new website!  This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while.  Check it out, look it over, and get to know it. And welcome to the new CFO website!

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Jul 10th, 2013

Get Ready for Competition! First up… Femme Fit!


Ladies in fighting shape for Femme Fit 2011

Are you signed up for Femme Fit 2013?  Want some specialized training geared to prepare you to do your best in competition?  We have it here!

Whether you are training for Femme Fit, want to support the FF ladies, are interested in another upcoming competition, or just want to keep yourself in competitive form — we have some fun Saturday workouts ready for you!

Join us for the next four Saturdays from 11am – 1pm on 7/13, 7/20, 7/27, 8/3.  Your two hours will include some if not all:

- Olympic Lifting practice
- Sprint/Running practice
- Practice the workouts (strategy, pacing, etc.)
Custom programming by Coach Arnold of End Game Athletics fame.

From Coach Arnold: Practice and work out in a group setting alongside your other CFO Femme Fit competitors. We will refine your technique on the snatch and clean and jerk, practice with the sandbag, and do running/sprinting/prowler work to prepare you for the actual workouts.  Basically prepare you to kick ass at Femme Fit.  

Let us know if you have any questions or just show up on Saturday to get started.  Go CFO!!

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Jul 9th, 2013

Moxie Madness Team Competition Aug 31st & Sep 1st!


Hyo getting after her wall balls in Open Workout 13.3

There’s a great team competition coming up on the weekend of Aug 31-Sep 1:  The Moxie Madness Affiliate Championship.  This is probably going to be the largest team competition around, certainly in Northern California.

Moxie Madness is a 2-man, 2-woman team competition.  And there are three categories in which teams can compete:  Advanced, Novice, and Masters.

You can enter one team in each category per gym, and since we now have two different Affiliates under the CFO banner (Emeryville and Uptown), that means we could potentially enter up to 6 teams.  That would be awesome!

The cost for the 4-person team is $260 ($65 per person).  And I’ve heard from all who’ve participated in this team event in the past that it’s a blast.

Registration opened up on July 1st, and spots are apparently going fast.  If you’d like to be a part of one of the teams, email us immediately so we can get the wheels in motion.

For more information, as well as to register a team, go to the Moxie Madness website.  And to keep up-to-date with the latest information, check out the Moxie Madness FB page.

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Jul 6th, 2013

In Honor of the Fallen Firefighters


Michelle and Katie showing their appreciation of the fire service

Tomorrow’s workout is in honor of the 19 firefighters who tragically lost their lives fighting the wildfire in Yarnell, AZ.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those young men who courageously put their lives on the line fighting the 8,400 acre fire in the desert of Arizona, just south of Phoenix.

We have quite a few firefighters who we’re fortunate to train here at CFO, so this tragedy hit close to home.  We’re thankful for all you do every day.

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Jul 3rd, 2013

UPTOWN CLOSED THIS Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!


I can’t do what ‘cuz I’m pregnant??

Due to construction on the building, we must close Uptown on Friday July 5th, Saturday July 6th & Sunday July 7th.

There will still be a 6am class at Uptown TOMORROW July 4th, but the doors will not re-open until Monday July 8th @ 6am.

Don’t despair — you can still get your WOD on in Emeryville which will be running a regular schedule Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We apologize for the late notice and for any inconvenience this might cause.

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Jul 2nd, 2013

Strong Work, Max!


Every once in a while, we just like to throw up impressive feats of strength on the website.  It’s even better when it’s someone who coaches and trains at CFO.  

This past Sunday, Max Aita, who many of you know or have probably seen coaching his lifters in the back of CFO, demonstrated that besides being a great coach of the lifts, he can also perform the lifts himself (that’s putting it mildly!).  He competed in a powerlifting meet on Sunday, where he weighed in at 219 lbs.  And he managed to squat, as you can see in the video above, 705 lbs!  Nothing like squatting more than three times your bodyweight!  And to top it off, it was also an IPL world record for his weight class (the IPL is one of the international powerlifting federations out there).

Strong work, Max!

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Jul 2nd, 2013

New Open Gym Hours at Uptown!


The Saturday Uptown crew

Last week we announced that effective July 1, there are now Mon/Wed/Fri 9am and 12pm classes, and that we’ve added a new Saturday 9am class.

In addition to the other announcements in that post, we wanted to let you know that we rolled out brand new Open Gym hours today.

Going forward, Open Gym will be happening every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4pm to 5:30pm.  We hope you all will take advantage of our Open Gym hours.  Open Gym is a great opportunity to work on skills, strength, individualized programming, and any other thing you want to do (including the group WOD, of course).  You can even start out in the Open Gym hour, warm up and work some skills, and then participate in the 5:30pm group class.

We’re really excited about being able to offer Open Gym and can’t wait to see you all taking advantage of it!

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Jul 1st, 2013

July 4 Schedule for Emeryville and Uptown


Leka getting after it on Open Workout 13.4

Just a heads-up on the July 4th schedule this week.

On Thursday, July 4th:

  • Our Emeryville location will be closed all day.
  • Our Uptown location will be running the 6am class only.

We’ll be back to our full schedule on Friday, July 5th.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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