Feb 8th


By Nicole
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Open Sesame!


How do I get into the new CrossFit space?

1. Get your very own gate opener ($15 deposit).
2. Walk in through the partially open gate.
3. Ring the doorbell at least 3 times to be sure it’s been heard (located to the left of the gate if you are facing the building).
4. Call our direct number 510-595-9348.
5. Last resort: bang like crazy on the side of the warehouse!

Feb 5th


By Nicole
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The Core


During most WODs you will hear us make reference to core stability and the importance of initiating movement from a stable trunk or “core” as we are so fond of calling it.

...”belly button to the spine”
…”tight core”
…”tighten it up”
…”initiate X movment from the center of your body”

Familiar sounding, eh? We thought it would be useful to give you a bit more information to give context to the shouting.

The core, consists of all the muscles in your abdominal and lower back areas. This includes all the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominus and intercostals) as well as the muscles associated with the spine (the erector spinae group) and the hip flexors (iliacus and psoas, collectively known as the iliopsoas).

These muscles all work in harmony to provide stabilization for your body and to transfer power from the legs to the upper body and vice versa. The core muscles also function to keep your insides in, where they belong!

Weak core muscles contribute to all kinds of problems in the body, the most prevalent of which is lower back pain. By strengthening the muscles that help support the spine and improve posture, you can dramatically decrease the symptoms of lower back pain.

In other words, if your core is weak, nothing else can be strong.

check out this amazing use of core strength:

Feb 1st


By Nicole
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R E M I N D E R!
We will be closed on Thursday and Friday but will re-open at our new location on Saturday for a 9 and 10 a.m. class! Ring the bell and we’ll let you in!

Jan 31st


By Max Lewin
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Strength Program Update

The strength Program has been plodding along for about 3 weeks now, with three weeks left to go.

The five of us, Carlo, Chad, Leo, Max and Sam have all gotten appreciably stronger, and, as expected a bit slower and heavier. Chad and I have done most of the workouts and have put on 3-4 lbs of muscle. I’ve gained a bit too much fat, which I’ll blame on my genetics (ahem *cheeseburger* ahem) Sam “The Hulk” Larson Has done ALL of the workouts and is up to 185 (from 176) at the beginning, most of that muscle. His temerity is inspiring.

It is somewhat hard to eat as much as is necessary to make these kinds of mass/strength gains, plus the feeling (and reality) of aerobic deconditioning is annoying, but once we are done with the strength phase and lean down without losing the additional muscle we are working so hard for we should, perhaps surprisingly, be able to generate increased Metabolic power. The reason is as follows: if strength is the limiting factor, say in fight gone bad, but we now have the increased strength to easily rep 75# for push-press, we will end up doing much more work in the same amount of time, also known as increased intensity. I think we are all looking forward to the relatively easy regular WODs!

We have been doing some advanced work this week (drop sets) and will move onto negatives and chains in the next few weeks. We will try and get some good tire flip pictures too!

Jan 29th


By Mike Minium
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Scott Caught On Camera


Scott in the middle of performing a push-up.

A Case for Physical Activity

For those of you who know me a little, you know that I’m an evolution nut (with more of an emphasis on nut, I’m sure).

I was recently turned on to Mark Rippetoe’s latest book (along with Lon Kilgore and Glenn Pendlay), Practical Programming for Strength Training. This is a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in strength- or power training.

Anyway, Coach Rippetoe has a nice passage in the book on the importance (even necessity) of physical training. Enjoy:

As is often the case, sports preparation can shed light on the human condition. Humans are built to move. We evolved under conditions that required daily intense physical activity, and that hard-earned genotype is still ours today. The modern sedentary lifestyle leads to the inactivation of the genes related to fitness and performance, attributes that were once critical for survival and are still critical for the correct, healthy expression of the genotype. The genes are still there, they just aren’t doing anything because the body is not stressed enough to cause a physiological adaptation requiring their activation. Heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, all operate far below the level at which they are still intended to function, and at which they function best. Those among us who are sedentary suffer the consequences.

–Practical Programming for Strength Training, p. 108

Jan 29th


By Nicole
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Our First 10K!

Jennifer, Sam, Max, Nicole, Chad & Ollie (Evelyn is behind the camera)

Congrats! to Chad Lott for taking second place in the Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders 4th Sunday Run! This was our first training run in preparation for the Pendleton 10K that 15 CFO members will be participating in June 9, 2007.


Post times to comments.

Jan 27th


By Max Lewin
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CrossFit is moving! Schedule:

Saturday 1-27-07 CLOSED
Sunday 1-28-07 Regular Schedule 3300 Broadway
Monday 1-29-07 Regular Schedule 3300 Broadway
Tuesday 1-30-07 Regular Schedule 3300 Broadway
Wednesday 1-31-07 Regular Schedule 3300 Broadway
Thursday 2-1-07 CLOSED
Friday 2-2-07 CLOSED: Please help us move into our new facility at 967 Grace Ave, Emeryville CA at 5PM (beer and pizza provided).
Saturday 2-3-07 and thereafter: expanded Schedule (AM/PM), TBA 967 Grace Ave.

Jan 26th


By Mike Minium
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Horse Stall Mats Are Here


CFO’s brand new horse stall mats stacked in 35-mat piles.

Mark your calendars: we’ll be laying down the mats next Friday evening, Feb 3. I know you don’t wanna miss out on all of the fun!

We’ll be giving you the exact time as the date gets nearer. Stay tuned.


There will be no classes this Saturday, January 27.

We’ll be back in action on Sunday, January 28.

200 Calories

I came across this cool link (cool to me, at least, which I guess tells you I’m not that cool) on Art De Vany’s blog, which shows pictures of various foods in the amount that would be needed of them to get 200 calories: