Nov 13th


By Mike Minium
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Full Extension at the Top


In the picture above, Charles is doing a beautiful job of fully extending the shoulders in the lockout position of a push press.

This position is the correct finishing position for the shoulder press, push press, and push jerk.

It’s critical to athletic development, to attaining true shoulder flexibility, and to being able to press and hold large loads overhead. It’s also the position one needs to get into in order to hold a proper handstand.

Nice work, Charles!

Nov 12th


By Mike Minium
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An Egg Yolk and a T-Shirt


Throwing you a curveball today…let’s see how finely tuned your trainer identification skills are.

We’ll give a free CrossFit Oakland t-shirt to the first person to correctly guess which of the three CFO trainers (Max, Nicole, or Mike) is so finicky about eating his or her eggs that the whole yolk is consumed in one piece (just as in the picture above) so that the egg yolk doesn’t run over the plate.

Only 1 guess per person. And those persons with prior knowledge are excluded (you know who you are).

And while you’re putting your detective skills to work, check out this video clip of Andy Bolton setting the deadlift world record of 1,003 lbs (455 kg).

Nov 12th


By Max Lewin
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Deep Into the Painstorm

Enough said. Chad working through Painstorm at CrossFit Oakland.

As many rounds in 20 minutes with a 70# bar:

5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front squats
5 Push Presses
5 Back Squats

Nov 11th


By Mike Minium
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CFO & Oakland Fire Department, Part 1


Firefighter Charles Lightfoot and Maximus Lewin

We had the honor and privilege to deliver a CrossFit presentation and train the lateral recruits at the Oakland Fire Academy and Training Center today.

We’ll be running a series of photos and video over the next few days, documenting our experience there and sharing the presentation we gave. Stay tuned!

On a totally unrelated note, be sure to check out the Community Blog (formerly known as the Affiliate Blog) over at Birthday Boy Max Lewin managed to get top billing.

Nov 8th


By Mike Minium
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Holiday Get-Together on December 15


Mark your calendars now!

Yes, that’s right, we’re throwing out Zone-like eating for one day during the holiday season.

We’re planning on having a CrossFit Oakland holiday cheat meal on Friday, December 15.

We’re leaving the choice of locale to you, though, true to our open-source, community-driven philosophy.

Please vote for your choice of restaurant in the Comments section.

Cesar, anyone?

Nov 5th


By Nicole
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Fight Gone Bad at CFO

Attention, CrossFitters: There’s a beautifully written analysis of the deadlift by Mark Rippetoe in this month’s CrossFit Journal. The article has been made free to all and is available HERE.

Do yourself a favor and read it!


Fight Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout. Originally designed by Coach Glassman for BJ “The Prodigy” Penn, Bazilian JuJitsu practitioner and UFC champion. Fight Gone Bad simulates the intense mixed-modal stress endured in a UFC bout as well as the five minutes on, one minute off protocol.

BJ Penn’s website

Post most recent score to comments.

Nov 5th


By Max Lewin
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Bionic Charles

Charles gets his first bar muscle-up! Very nice, I like!

Nov 2nd


By Max Lewin
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Skeleton Crew at CFO

Chad, Mike and I did the “Skeleton Crew” Concept 2 challenge: 31,000 meters on the rower in four days.

Warning! The next person we hear say “What about cardio?” will be rowing 10K!

Oct 31st


By Max Lewin
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“Conga Confusion” at CrossFit Oakland

Egads! We made the top page of again!

Thanks to all who attended our 2nd monthly workout in the park! It was a bit confused, but Pukie was absent this time. We promise to make order from the chaos next time!

Special thanks to Jonathan for showing us some cool new moves with the kettlebell.

Oct 30th


By Max Lewin
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Sam’s Black Belt Test at Kilohana Dojo Monday 6PM

CrossFit Oakland Athlete and Jujitsu Instructor Sam Larson will be testing for his Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu tomorrow, Monday October 30, 2006 at Suigetsukan Dojo. All CrossFit members are invited to observe.

Rest of pictures are Here.

Directions are Here.