Oct 27th


By Max Lewin
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Free Workout in the Park Sun. 10AM: Come One, Come All!


Please join us this Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 10 AM for our monthly workout in the park. We will be across from Gold’s Gym, 600 Grand Ave, Oakland CA, at the pull-up bars pictured above. The workout is free for everyone, so bring friends and family. We can scale the workout for anyone of any age or physical condition.


Oct 27th


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COPFDD: CrossFit Oakland Pull-Up Fraud Detector Device

Workout in the park this Sunday at 10:00 AM across from Gold’s Gym (600 Grand Ave., Oakland Ca.), at the Pull-up bars. Workout is Free! All are welcome.

Hey Affiliates: ever wonder how you can get people to understand that they are not getting their chins over the bar when they do so-called “pull-ups”? Members: ever wonder why we keep saying “chin over bar” when, darn it, you are getting your chin over the bar?!

Well the answer to both your questions is the same: The CrossFit Oakland Pull-Up Fraud Detector! This is a simple radio shack motion detector (cost $29.99) mounted above the bar in such a way that a tone chimes when you get your head high enough in a pull-up to break the beam (yep, you guessed it: chin over bar)!

So get 20 pull-ups on your bar and come to CrossFit Oakland and you will have 10 on ours!

Roll the tape…

Oct 26th


By Max Lewin
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Candace Before the Hurt By Leo Polovets

Zounds! We are featured on the top page of the CrossFit Affiliate Blog!


CrossFit Oakland athlete and Berkeley All Blues Wing Candace Hamilton helps her team, crush, crush, I say, Boston last Saturday.

Rest of Photos are HERE.

Oct 25th


By Max Lewin
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22 “Frans” @ CrossFit Oakland



95 # Thruster

Sub as needed.

Sam L: 10:56 as rx’d


Peter: 10:55 75#
Justin: 14:27 75#
Franklin: 8:49 70#
Max: 6:05 65#
Shira 9:56 65#
Leo 10:48 65#
Scott 12:53 65#
Candace 12:57 65#
Pat 13:10 65#
Dave 17:32 65#
Sharon 12:59 25# DB

Ring Rows

Tim: 14:02 65#
Nicole: 9:08 55#
Joanne 15:01 45#
Aminta: 10:21 20 DB
Janet: 12:53 20 DB
Jenny 13:32 20# DB
Connie 15:33 20 DB#
Annie: 10:00 15# DB
Eliza 13:25 15# DB
LaDonna 13:18 10# DB


Oct 23rd


By Max Lewin
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nicoleokumutrainer dot com

For those of you who don’t know newly minted trainer Nicole O., she started CrossFit (and the Zone) last year. Since that time she has made amazing gains: She has two children under three years old, and at 35, she has reconfigured her body and is in the best shape of her life. Nicole has radically changed her body composition, flensing 50-60 pounds of inert metabolic material and gaining at least 10 pounds of lean muscle.

Here we see her doing 50 free squats in 55 seconds with perfect form (full ROM, full extension at the top, toes off the floor). She is a metabolic monster and this was too easy: we should have had her do 100. She also deadlifts 145, a PR and a huge increase from where she started last year.

When Nicole started CrossFit, she literally could not jump up 3 inches. She could not jump onto the curb! Here we see she has overcome her fear of heights, as she jumps onto a 24-inch box, climbs a 15 foot rope and jumps to a high bar from the top of the box.

Bonus: one sweet chin-over-bar kipping pull-up!


Oct 23rd


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FUEL Nutrition Seminar at CFO

Shnikes! We are on the top page of the CrossFit Affiliates Page!


Thanks to all of the participants for our first food-as-fuel nutrition seminar: Connie, Chad, Kristine, Charles, Jen, Justin and Megan.

Here is a list of links to websites of interest on the subject of nutrition

Chad: This is one of the articles you are looking for:

Stephen A. Whole grains – impact of consuming whole grains on physiological effects of dietary fiber and starch. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 1994; 34: 499-511. 12. Yudkin J.. Archaeology and the nutritionist . In: Ardrey R., ed. The Hunting Hypothesis . Collins, London, 1976.

Oct 22nd


By Mike Minium
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Measurement Matters


We’ve recently had a few of our athletes (we consider all of our clients athletes) share with us how pleased they are with our style of training and the results they’re getting.

During this conversation, they’ll share with us a particular outcome that has led them to the conclusion that their level of fitness has improved. In so doing, they share with us their criteria for evaluating their own level of fitness (although they may not think of it in those terms).

Almost always, the outcome will be something along the lines of dropping down to X pounds for the first time in Y number of years, or being paid flirtatious compliments by relative youngsters, etc. In short, the outcomes that resonate with them are almost always tied to a qualitative end.

What’s interesting to us as trainers is that almost all of these qualitative outcomes can be seen coming a mile away, so to speak. Is this because we possess some sort of weird psychic ability? Absolutely not. We know that our athletes are getting results because we measure them. And it’s been our experience that the quantitative measures we do daily (and the results tied to those measures) usually precede the qualitative outcomes that clients are looking for.

So the next time you see us walking around with dry-erase markers or poring over the workout journals we keep, understand this: there’s a method to our madness.

While we take great pride in–and love to hear–qualitative endorsements of our training, it’s nothing that we can hang our hats on. We need data, and we need to be able to quantify, analyze, and compare said data. The bottom line is that if we’re not measuring, we’re not doing our job.

With that in mind, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at our new CFO Skill Assessment Guidelines.

All of our athletes will become familiar (probably more familiar than they’d like) with this document–and the standards it defines–in the very near future.

Those of you who are familiar with the national CrossFit site (and the discussions that ensue there) will see that our guidelines are based in large part on the guidelines that CrossFit North put together (we’ve changed a few things here and there). We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the work they did in creating the original assessment document.

CrossFit Toronto
has created a neat little graphic test based on the standards; you can take it HERE.

Oct 20th


By Max Lewin
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This is the Diesel! Front Squats at CFO

This is the diesel! No, this is the diesel!

Oct 19th


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Six-Million Dollar Shira

Maybe if Jamie Sommers had some of Shira’s skills those pesky fembots would not have given her so much trouble!

We call this a muscle-up by the way. Not easy.

Oct 19th


By Nicole
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Getting Hip about Hip Flexors


I’m sure you have all heard us say "everything we do in CrossFit is a wave of contraction that starts at the core (hips) and radiates to the extremities." Well how does this work exactly?

The hip flexors or iliopsoas are a group of muscles passing through the pelvis that act to flex the hips and rotate the lower spine. Lying deep within the torso, these are some of the least known skeletal muscles.

Imbalances in the muscles of the hip can cause back and hamstring trouble. Most problems with the hip flexors (such as leaning forward in the squat), don’t originate in a lack of strength but in a lack of flexibility. If the iliopsoas and hip flexors are tight, they pull down and forward on the pelvis, which tilts the pelvis forward and rounds the lower back. We must fight to pull the pelvis back and keep it from tucking under.

This lack of flexibility also impacts the ability of an athlete to fully fire the hips in exercises such as the squat, kipping pull-up, deadlift, clean, box jump, sprint, etc. and is referred to in CrossFitese as "muted hip function."

Over time, as many of you have experienced, such inflexibility can become uncomfortable, if not downright painful–causing problems with full mobility and creating some sciatica-like symptoms. We urge you to keep working through this issue!

There are several hip flexor stretches that can be done daily to alleviate chronic issues, and should be included in a daily stretching program for athletes that are just beginning to to develop the musculature of the hip flexor.

These hidden muscles are a goldmine of power that are heavily relied upon in 95% of athletic activites and 75% of CrossFit moves!

Find those hip flexors, use them, and stretch them! We have an arsenal of stretches to help fight off hip flexor problems: talk to us if you are having "issues"…