May 10th


By Mike Minium
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5/11/06 WOD

3 rounds:

10 thrusters
15 db squats
20 pull-ups (40 jumping)
25 push-ups (or 12 handstand push-ups)
30 sit-ups (or 12 knees to elbows)

May 9th


By Mike Minium
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5/10/06 WOD

5 rounds:

Can be done with dumbbells or barbell.

5 deadlifts
5 hanging cleans
5 push-presses
5 squats/overhead squats

Post loads. This workout is not done for time. Work on form and increasing your loads.

May 9th


By Mike Minium
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5/9/06 WOD

5 Rounds for time:

15 Box jumps, 24″ box
15 Thrusters, 35-lb dumbbells
21 Knees-to-elbows



Playing Around with Wall Ball

In the top photo, we see Mike losing his arch and leaning too far forward (notice how his elbows are touching his knees) at the bottom position of his wall ball toss. Although it’s a technique flaw, to be sure, and should be corrected on those grounds alone, the real crime in losing the arch and leaning forward is that it leads to a loss in efficiency which ultimately leads to a loss in power.

If your body has to re-route itself from the bottom of the squat (to get itself into a proper throwing position), energy is taken that could’ve been applied to extending the hips vertically and creating a powerful, upward throw of the ball.

To correct the tendency to lean forward in wall ball, strive to keep the weight back on your heels and focus on squatting down and back.

In the bottom photo, Sam is in much better shape, technique-wise. He’s in a nice upright position, arch intact, and is ready to explode upward with a nice powerful throw.

If I were going to nitpick Sam’s technique, I’d suggest that he hold his elbows a tad higher and that he get his knees a little more in line with his toes (not actually behind the line of his toes, just a bit closer). Both of those changes would allow for an even more forceful, vertical extension. But all in all, he’s looking good.

May 5th


By Mike Minium
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5/5/06 WOD

Run 5k

May 4th


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5/3/06 WOD

3 rounds for time:

20 db cleans
20 push-presses
20 one-arm db snatches
Run loop

May 1st


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5/2/06 WOD

“The Filthy Fifty”

For time:
50 Thrusters
50 Walking Lunges (1/4 bw on shoulders)
50 Sit-ups
50 Two-arm dumbbell swings, 1/4 bw
50 Back extensions/Locusts (squeeze shoulder blades at top)
50 Jumping pull-ups (25 regular pull-ups)
50 Burpees (jump, no push-up)

May 1st


By Mike Minium
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5/1/06 WOD

Run 1/4 mile 4 times, 1 minute rest between each. Post fastest time.
Run 1/2 mile 2 times, 1 minute rest between each. Post fastest.
Run 1 mile. Post time.

Compare to 1/30/06

Oakland boot camp

Thank you to Chi Running for the above series of photos – Notice the lean from the first frame to the last. Imagine a bungee cord attached to the belly button. You’re not leaning over and cracking at the hips. If you were to look down, the nose is supposed to be in front of the toes. Let gravity be your friend :-)

Apr 27th


By Mike Minium
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4/28/06 WOD

Lake Run or 5k

oakland boot camp.jpg

For those that are starting the kipping pull-ups, here are some tips. Take a look at the bottom photo and the various stages. Dave is in the push-away phase similar to frame #2. Notice the angles are almost identical. This allows the individual to gain additional momentum forward which then enables the pull-uper to snap back and up into another pull-up.

Sabrina is just learning the kipping pull-up. On her way down, she is too straight. She has not pushed away from the bar at the top which means she will not generate the momentum.

Looking at the bottom frame, the phases are:
1. Pull-up
2. Push-away
3. Swing down
4. Swing forward, arms go back (Anybody recognize this position? How about the overhead squat with the bar? We do that not only for the squat but to create range of motion for the kipping pull-up).
5. Swing feet forward and lift.
6. Pull-up

We do the kipping pull-up because it is significantly more dynamic than a static pull-up. Just look at the range of motion the body and body parts go through during the movement. Compare this to the strict up-and-down movement of a regular pull-up and you’ll readily see the benefits of the kipping pull-up.

If anybody ever tells you it’s a “cheater” pull-up, have him do a few properly. You’ll have a convert :-)

Apr 27th


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4/27/06 WOD

For time:

Run loop (1/4 mile)
30 Pull-ups (60 jumping)
21 Handstand push-ups or 30 thrusters
Run 2 loops (1/2 mile)
21 Pull-ups (45 jumping)
30 Handstand push-ups or 45 thrusters
Run loop (1/4 mile)

boot camp stairs.jpg

After a workout, looking up at 1/3 of the 260+ stairs at Joaquin Miller.

Apr 26th


By Mike Minium
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4/26/06 WOD

Joaquin Miller stairs:

Up and down stairs
20 lunge presses each side
20 dumbbell swings
15 lunge presses each side
15 dumbbell swings


In the top photo, Kevin is losing his arch at the bottom of the squat. In addition, the angle of his hip relative to his trunk is really closed, suggestive of tight hip flexors and an inability to lengthen the hamstrings at the bottom of the squat.

In the bottom photo, via the use of the barbell, we do a little squat therapy to get his body used to being in a more upright position at the bottom of the squat. Notice the strong arch and the angle of his hip relative to his trunk in this photo. Much better. Much more athletic. Much more powerful.