Aug 7th


By Mike Minium
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8/7/06 WOD

2 rounds using 1/4 bw dumbbells:

Lunge 100m, right arm overhead, left leg leading
Run 300m
Lunge 100m, left arm overhead, right leg leading
Run 300m
Lunge 100m, both arms overhead, alternating legs
Run 300m

Aug 4th


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8/4/06 WOD

Run 5k

Jul 28th


By Mike Minium
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7/28/06 WOD

How many rounds in 20 minutes can you do of the following?

10 Squats
15 Deadlifts @ 185 lbs
10 Push-ups
7 Pull-ups


Smiles All Around

Wow, even after a tough workout they’re smiling. Maybe I’m going too soft on them (kidding!).

Jul 27th


By Mike Minium
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7/27/06 WOD

4 Rounds for time:

Run mortuary loop (~500 meters)
15 Pull-ups
15 Dumbbell/Kettlebell swings
15 Push-presses

According to Science, Exercise is Good for You

Those guys with the pocket protectors and white labcoats have done it again, this time making a case for the current human genome (i.e., you and me) requiring physical activity in order to be healthy (shocking!).

If you enjoy these types of articles (I must admit I do, sadly), this will be right up your alley. If you don’t dig the science literature…well at least this will aid in your recovery from CrossFit training, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

Jul 25th


By Mike Minium
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7/25/06 WOD

A nasty little twist on the Vomitus Maximus workout:

Burpees are performed with a jump and hand clap over the head, no push-ups.

30 burpees
25 thrusters (1/4 bw)
25 burpees
50 “V” ups
20 burpees
75 dips
15 burpees
100 squats
10 burpees

Post times and loads for thrusters.

Jul 24th


By Mike Minium
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7/24/06 WOD

At Joaquin Miller Park, do the following circuit for time:

6 Trips up and down the stairs
20 Push-ups at the top of the stairs (6 sets in total)

Use dumbbells for trips 1, 3, and 5. Run up the stairs unladen for trips 2, 4, and 6.


A Clean is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Sharon’s doing a beautiful job of remaining patient on the second pull of the clean. Notice how her arms haven’t bent at all (which is perfect) and she’s fully extended at the hip and knees. By keeping the arms straight through the full range of motion, she’s able to efficiently transfer all the power she’s generated from the floor up through the dumbbells, creating powerful vertical momentum.

When it comes to cleans (and snatches, for that matter), remember the following mantra: When the arms bend, the power ends.

Nice work, Sharon!

CrossFit replaces Kix

OK, well…maybe not. But as you may know, Kix likes to promote itself as being “kid-tested and mother-approved.” We think the label applies to CrossFit as well. Viz:

(And moms out there, do your kid a favor and keep him or her away from the cereal.)

Jul 20th


By Mike Minium
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7/20/06 WOD

Working on balance and power:

3 rounds
10 opposite arm touchdowns
15 one-arm snatches to lunge
20 thrusters
Run 400m

Jul 13th


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7/13/06 WOD

5 rounds:

Max # of push-ups + 10
Max # of pull-ups + 5
Max # of barbell presses (75 lbs) + 5
50 sit-ups

Perform the maximum # of repetitions that you can without stopping. Once you have stopped (i.e. can’t push off the ground for a push-up), rest 30 seconds and perform the additional # for that exercise. This is for all 5 rounds.

Post times and comments.


Sharon’s demonstrating a nice degree of shoulder flexibility. She’s almost to the CrossFit gold standard: hand touching hand.

Jul 12th


By Mike Minium
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7/12/06 WOD

Technique Day

Today we focused on three specific movements for the entire hour:

Kipping Pull-Up
Rope Climb
Bench Press


Congratulations to Dawn on getting hir first pull-up! This was actually the last of several pull-ups she got today.

Unfortunately the lighting on the photo is poor (operator error!). I’ll just have to snap another one of her in action the next time she’s in.