Oct 16th, 2012

Two CFO Teams Competing at OktoberFit This Saturday!


Joey climbing the rope at the CrossTown Throwdown

This Saturday, October 20th, two teams from CFO will be competing at OktoberFit, a three-person team competition hosted by CrossFit Silicon Valley.  There will be four team workouts, plus a bonus final workout for the top 8 teams after the first four workouts.  In other words, it will be full day of action!

The two teams are comprised as follows:

A Team:  Michelle M, Joey, TomS

B Team:  Leka, Arnold, Mini

It’s gonna be a ton of fun.  The first workout gets started around 9am.  There’s a $5 spectator fee, but it gets you food and drinks, so there’s some value in your purchase.  Come down and support the CFO crew!

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Oct 15th, 2012

Cookbook Teaser

prosciutto wrapped sweet potato. 

Prosciutto-Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites
(recipe adapted from www.foodrenegade.com)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 lb Thinly Sliced Prosciutto
  • Toothpicks


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Wash the sweet potatoes then cut them lengthwise into quarters. Then cut each quarter in half, and then half again. You’ll wind up with 32 bites.
  3. Wrap each sweet potato bite with a half slice of prosciutto, and use a toothpick to hold it all together.
  4. Place them on a baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes.
  5. You’ll know they’re ready when the prosciutto is crispy and the potatoes are soft.
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Oct 12th, 2012

A Little Inspiration for Your Friday Squat Session

Stan Efferding and Dan Green squatting 905# and 800#, respectively

Sometimes you just gotta marvel at the strong people out there.  The video above does a great job of shooting the heavy squats these guys do from several different camera angles.  It also has some nice commentary from Mark Bell.  I’m not sure which effort is more impressive, to tell you the truth:  Stan Efferding squatting 905 lbs at a bodyweight of ~275 lbs or Dan Green squatting 800 lbs at a bodyweight of ~220 lbs.  Both are amazing efforts!

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Oct 11th, 2012

FREE Running Clinic with Coach Aaron Saturday October 27th @ 11am


Happy graduates of the Coach Aaron Running Clinic (Oct 2011)

Fellow CFOer and masters track athlete Aaron C. will be providing a running technique clinic for all interested CFO’ers on Saturday, October 27, beginning at 11am.  The clinic will be taking place at the Piedmont High School track.

The clinic will run for about an hour, and will focus on getting you into a solid position for running with proper mechanics via a series of drills and progressions.

If you hate running and have never been properly coached or just want some motivation to get in running shape for a race or to improve your CrossFit game, this is an opportunity to do so with one of the best.  

In order to provide the best experience for everyone, the clinic will capped at 18 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you would like to reserve a spot, you can do so by sending us an email.  Please note that all of Aaron’s past clinics have filled up quickly.

A huge thank you to Coach A for his continued generosity to CFO.  


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Oct 10th, 2012

Mune and Aisha Competing in Weightlifting Meet on Nov 11!


Aisha (front left) and Mune (front right), pictured along with Carrie and Joe P

Aisha and Mune teamed up on the Fran-Off workout this past Saturday against CF Sweat Shop, and now they’re teaming up as training partners, preparing to compete in an Olympic Weightlifting meet on Sunday, November 11.  This will be Aisha’s first meet and Mune’s second meet (she just did her first meet at CFO a few weeks ago).

Anybody else interested in joining them?

The meet takes place in South San Francisco, and it’s called the Veterans Day Open.  You can read up on all the details here:  www.lifttilyadie.com/PWA/12VetDayFlyer.htm

According to the schedule posted on the website, Mune and Aisha get started at 2pm.

Olympic Weightlifting meets are really fun and pretty easy to understand.  You get three attempts at a max snatch, rest a bit, and then you get three attempts at a clean-and-jerk (I’m leaving out a lot of details, of course).  You then take your best snatch and best clean-and-jerk and add them together.  The lifter with the highest total wins.  And it goes by weight class, too, so that smaller lifters compete against smaller lifters, and vice-versa.

You’ll probably see Aisha and Mune working the Olympic lifts a lot in the next month or so.  If you see them, wish them luck!  And you might even want to step up and join them!

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Oct 9th, 2012

And the winners are….



Karyn L


 Fernando U.

This was a very tough decision and Mike and I took a lot of time and consideration when choosing the finalists and the male and female winners of our Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge. Karyn and Fernando showed the most dramatic changes from before photos to after photos. You can find Karyn at the 9am class and Fernando at evening classes to personally congratulate them.

Congrats as well to Stacey N and Morgan F as the female runners up and Broderick and Daniel V as the male runners up and to all of the participants. It was very inspiring to look at your before and after photos and it is clear that you all worked very hard and are making remarkable physical changes – all for the better from what we saw.  Please let me know if you’d like me to email your before/after photos to you.

Hope everyone survived the challenge and will continue the successes and good habits they began over these 6 weeks.  We will continue to provide information, tips and encouragement so that you can reach whatever goals you set for yourselves.  Our next challenge will most likely be in the Spring heading into the Open Sectionals for the CrossFit Games and will be performance-based.

Congrats to everyone, you all look fabulous!

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Oct 8th, 2012

2012 CrossTown Throwdown Wrap-Up


CFO and CF Sweat Shop before it all went down

Another year, another CrossTown Throwdown.  Before I write anything else, I want to congratulate CF Sweat Shop for coming in and handing it to us.  For those keeping score at home, CF Sweat Shop won this year’s throwdown 14-6.  It was a convincing win, to be sure.  They earned it.

Even though we lost the throwdown, I was really, really proud of the effort everyone put forth, as well as the support we had at the gym.  It was an electric environment!

In no particular order, here are a few of the highlights (this list is by no means exhaustive; everyone had some tough and gritty moments):

  • Carrie going beast mode on all of her events.  She would have been undefeated in every event she did, if not for letting go of the rope a little early in one of the tug-of-war heats.  Seeing her do all 45 thrusters unbroken in the Fran-Off was a sight to behold, too.
  • Brandon missing all of his attempts at a 135-lb snatch in his warm-up, and then rattling off 8 touch-and-go snatches to start off his set once the workout began.  He really raised the level of his game when it was time to compete.
  • Aaron more or less being forced into the 800m/Overhead Squat workout and producing, nailing all 9 of his reps (3 sets of 3) at a weight above his bodyweight.
  • Karl and Joe P gritting their way through their kettlebell swings and pull-ups in their round of Helen.
  • Mariko and Carrie dominating the bench press competition, wining by 20 reps.
  • The Mama Bear women (Michelle M, Mariko, Beth, Katie, Sherrill, and Ellie) winning their workout going away .
  • The double-under crew (Michelle M, Joey, Sierra, Katie, Hyo, and Robyn) representing CFO and pulling off a victory in their double-under/shuttle sprint workout.
  • Katie and Kirsten rowing their arses off.
  • Joey and Sierra climbing, climbing, and climbing that rope.  Over and over.
  • And the whole entire tug-of-war effort!

Again, this is just a quick snapshot, and by no means a complete summary of all of the accomplishments of everyone who competed and all of my favorite moments.

Even though the score didn’t end up going our way, you guys and gals all did us proud!

If you want to see some photos from the event, check out the 2012 CrossTown Throwdown album on our CFO FB page.  And special thanks to Ann G and Sara M for taking the pictures.

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Oct 5th, 2012

Reminder: CrossTown Throwdown This Saturday at 8am Sharp!


Lena getting airborne

A huge reminder to all of you:  We have the CrossTown Throwdown going on this Saturday October 6th against CrossFit Sweatshop.  All the action gets started at 8am right here at CFO, and the more of you we have, the better off we’ll be.  It’s gonna be a wild day, so come ready to work out; you never know when you might be called to represent CFO.

There’s one uniform-related rule that we need to adhere to that I forgot to mention in the last post:  You need to be wearing a blue CFO t-shirt or tank top.  We’ve ordered extras and have them in stock, for any of you who need them.  And according to the rules, you can’t take off your shirt.  Ever.

Let’s get after it on Saturday and bring our A game!

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Oct 4th, 2012

6-Week Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge- Final Days!!


Some dirty training ready to happen here…

Congratulations to everyone on making it this far into the challenge.  Just a few more days to go!  Hope you are all making the changes you would like to see.  We would also like to see some changes, so get those after photos in!  

I’ll be at CFO on Sunday (10/7) at 10am with the camera to take your after photos or you can take your own and email them.  Submission deadline is Sunday Oct 7th at 6pm.

Mike and I will meet on Monday to go over all photos and choose one male and one female winner.  We will announce the winners and their winnings inn Monday evening’s blog post.

Good luck!!  We are so proud of all of you.  6-weeks is no joke when it comes to eating clean and training dirty.

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Oct 3rd, 2012

Tough Mudder Review


One 12 ft wall down, one to go… Up and over!

You’ve probably already heard that we Mudkillas had a blast this past Saturday at the Tough Mudder in Patterson.  Besides the official CFO team, several other of our members completed the course either in Patterson or Northstar in Tahoe.  If you are wondering if you should try next year, ask around for some feedback.  Here are my reasons why you should consider this and other fun events outside of CFO:

1.  It was fun.  Duh.  You can tell from the photo.  But seriously, it was pure fun from beginning to end. 

2.  Training and working as a team is different – in a great way. It made the experience so much better.  Of course the TM is designed to be a team-building event and they encourage camaraderie on many levels.  It’s a serious love-fest when you cross the finish line together.

3. Facing down your fears. The obstacles in this event are meant to make you feel anxious, so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment when you complete the course. If you have a secret fear of heights, confined spaces or being electrocuted – you get to test your power over these in a (relatively) safe environment.

4. Exposes weaknesses. Hill runs anyone?  Swimming lessons in my future for sure.

5. The team t-shirt is pure awesome. 

Team Mudkillas are all in for next year.  How about you?

If you can’t wait until next year, remember that the San Francisco Urbanathlon is coming up on November 18th.  If you do register for his race, email me first for a 10% off discount code, graciously provided by Tod V.

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