Bunches of Articles

Dec 21st, 2011

Bunches of Articles


Aisha, Lee, and Michele at the holiday party, courtesy of TomC

Here’s some reading for you.


Charles Poliquin Doesn’t Like Aerobic Training

For regular readers of Charles Poliquin, you probably know he’s not a big fan of aerobic training, especially if it’s done exclusively and not offset with strength training.

In these three articles (be warned, a couple of them are lengthy by blog article standards), he lays out his case for why he finds aerobic training counterproductive for general health and/or body composition, and discusses what to do about it.

The (Many) Negatives of Aerobic Training
How to Counter The Many Negatives of Aerobic Training

Belly Fat? Lose It.

To Rx a Workout or Not

Here’s a fairly humorous–and accurate–take on rx’ing workouts (doing them as prescribed).  Be warned, if you’re offended by potty-mouthed language, you’ll probably want to skip this article.

And props to the Beastmodal Domains guy for coining a soon-to-be classic CF term:  Rip Van Wodkilla (for those CFers who decide to rx a workout and take days to finish it)

Intensity in CrossFit: Should You Do It RX’d?