Calling All CFO Volunteers!

May 8th, 2012

Calling All CFO Volunteers!


Katie putting a couple of ACORN’s kids through the CF paces at last year’s Sports Fair

Last week I posted on the upcoming Sports Fair at ACORN Elementary School, and how we are looking for as many volunteers to help out as possible.  I wasn’t super clear in the post about how to go about volunteering, though, so I’ll lay it out a little bit more clearly this time.

Ellie, who is a teacher at ACORN Elementary, is also a CFO member.  On top of that, she’s the one who’s organizing the Sports Fair, which is a 3-hour fair where kids gets exposed to all kinds of things health- and fitness-related.  To do our part, we’ll be running them through some CF-related activities.  This is all going down on Thursday, May 24th, from 9am to 12pm

We still need LOTS of volunteers!  If you can volunteer your time (and it’s totally worth it!), contact Ellie at  The more of you we can get out there, the better.

School Info:

ACORN Woodland is a small, public school located in East Oakland , just walking distance from the Oakland Coliseum. We serve 250 students, Kinder-5th grade. Physical fitness and nutrition are essential elements of our school’s mission. We firmly believe that a successful educational experience preparing all students for college must include a balance between rigorous academic preparation and an education of the whole child. We consistently encourage and nurture social, emotional, cooperative and team-building skills through competitive and non-competitive sports and games. Before leaving our school, each of our students has a chance to find their niche in the world of physical fitness and feels successful in a variety of core sports and recess games. We’d love to diversify the skills with some Crossfit elements again!