Sep 19th, 2013

Mobility Drills for Overhead Squat/Snatch Prep

An oldie but goodie from K-Star Not to let the cat out of the bag, but on Friday, we’re going to be having you guys go for a 1-rep max snatch (with a time limit) and a 1-rep max clean-and-jerk (with a time limit). One of the toughest things about the snatch is that bottom […]

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Sep 17th, 2013

Lance Competing in Sierra Nevada Cup Powerlifting Meet


Most of you know Lance as that awesome coach over at Uptown (with occasional coaching appearances at Emeryville on the weekends).  But did you know that he’s also throwing his hat into the competitive powerlifting ring?  If his recent squat of 425 x 3 is any indication, he’s going to do well in his debut, […]

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Sep 16th, 2013

Using the Box to Train the Negative Pull-Up

This is Part 2 of the video series; make sure you catch Part 1 here As many of you chasing your first pull-up already know, we’re big fans of working the negative as a primary means to train for getting your first pull-up.  This is ideal if you’re strong enough to control your descent and […]

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Sep 13th, 2013

Get Some Perspective


  There’s an article that was floating around FB Land a couple weeks ago that deserves a re-post here on the blog.  It’s something I think about a lot with my own training, as well as in my coaching of others, and something I’ve had to apply a lot more as I’ve gotten older and […]

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Sep 2nd, 2013

Running Clinic with Coach Aaron Saturday September 21st!

Aaron Castillo

  Aaron Castillo: Certified CrossFit Endurance Coach, CrossFit Oakland, Running Coach for Oakland Triathlon Club, USA Track & Field, Member and Current Masters Competitor As a masters-level track & field athlete and coach, I specialize in teaching efficient and proper running technique using The Pose Method along with a personalized interval-based training program that prepares athletes to compete […]

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Aug 17th, 2013

Keeping the Competitive Ball Rolling!


  The Femme Fit prep class that ran on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm was such a big success that we’ve decided to keep the ball rolling, so to speak. We’re changing the name of the class to the CrossFit Competition class, which gives it the broader scope it deserves.  The CrossFit Competition (CFC) class will […]

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Aug 6th, 2013

Just a Couple Spots Left for Jo Ann’s Women’s Strength Program

The women from Jo Ann’s last session showing the fruits of their labor   Jo Ann is kicking off another 6-week cycle for her Women’s Strength Class.  She’s going to run two sessions, with both sessions starting Thursday, August 15th.  The class is limited to 12 females, and there are currently a couple of spots […]

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Jul 30th, 2013

Steve P & the CrossFit Games: Final Thoughts


  I’m not sure I can really write anything that hasn’t already been said (either in person or via the blog and FB) regarding Steve’s performance at the 2013 Games.  His defining moment will surely be the his deadlift/box jump workout on Day 2, which shot him from 17th place to 9th place overall, which […]

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Jul 25th, 2013

Steve’s Climb Up the Leaderboard!

Steve’s 2nd Place Performance in the Deadlift/Box Jump Couplet Days like yesterday make days like today all the more satisfying.  The same perseverance and grit Steve showed yesterday, as he clawed his way through workouts that weren’t in his wheelhouse, he showed today as his back was against the wall and he knew he had to deliver. […]

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Jul 24th, 2013

Tough Day 1; On to Day 2!


  Some days, you just have a tough day at the office, so to speak.  Today was one of those days for Steve.  We kind of expected the first two workouts to be rough ones, since Steve’s shoulders would be smoked after the 75 overhead squats in Nancy, and he was looking at 25 handstand […]

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