CFO Field Trip

Apr 7th, 2008

CFO Field Trip


The CFO crew after their workout this morning at CrossFit North Santa Cruz

Today we took the first of what will likely be several trips to nearby CF affiliate gyms over the next couple of months.

We had a great time and got to be coached by Jason Highbarger, who’s one of the old-school CF trainers and goes way back with the Glassmans, well before CrossFit became an internet phenomenon.

He gave us a great lesson on scaling up a workout. We took the Fran format, increased the weight, replaced pull-ups with some rope climbs, broke the reps down into smaller sets, and added some 80-meter sprints. This workout was all about peak power production.

As a side note, the workout wasn’t timed, which isn’t quite as nice as you might think. This ensured that each of our sprints were all-out efforts.

I’ll be offering this workout up for rest day fodder tomorrow. Let’s see if we get any takers!