CrossFit Total Registration!

Dec 2nd, 2013

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CrossFit Total Registration!


Don’t worry, your CF Total openers won’t require this much hand-wringing


It’s getting to be that time of year, everyone:  CrossFit Total time!

This coming Sunday, December 8th, we’ll be running everyone through the CrossFit Total (CFT).  Doors open at 1pm to warm up, with squat openers starting at 2pm sharp.

The CrossFit Total is our annual check-in to see how your strength numbers are progressing in the squat, press, and deadlift.  The process is pretty simple.  After warming up, you get three attempts at a 1-rep max squat, three attempts at a 1-rep max press, and three attempts at a 1-rep max deadlift.  Each of your attempts must be judged by a CFO trainer to ensure that it meets the standards for the movement (see the PDF in the link above for the standards).

This event is free of charge to all CFO members (Emeryville or Uptown).  I can’t encourage you enough to do this…it’s a great time and there’s a ton of crowd support for each lift.  I really can’t describe it, other than saying it’s like a group class on steroids.  Last year we had around 50 people do the CFT.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity…it only comes around once a year!

If you’re doing the CFT (and again, I highly encourage you to do it), here’s what we need from you in order to register and secure your spot:

Email us with the following information:

Squat Opener
Press Opener
Deadlift Opener

The openers are the first attempt that you’re going to do for each of the lifts.  A common rule of thumb for newcomers is to pick your 3-rep max as your opener.  If you’ve done the CFT before, then you might have a different approach, which is fine. Just don’t be greedy.  You can’t go down in weight after your opener (you can stick with the same weight, however).

I hope to see a ton of you running through the CFT this Sunday!