CrossTown Throwdown This Saturday Nov 9th!

Nov 5th, 2013

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CrossTown Throwdown This Saturday Nov 9th!


This Saturday November 9th, we’re competing against CrossFit Sweat Shop in our annual CrossTown Throwdown competition.  Everything get started at 8:30am, so please be there no later than 8am so that we can get you warmed up and ready to go.

A few particulars to get out of the way.

1.  There’s a uniform requirement.  Everyone who’s competing for CFO needs to wear one of our dark grey CFO t-shirts or tank tops (either the first generation ones or the new ones we’re now selling).

2.  We need 5 volunteers who are not competing to help us with counting reps and keeping the whole thing running smoothly.  Please email us ASAP if you can volunteer.

3.  There’s no set end date, but most of the workouts are pretty quick.  That being said, plan for it getting done between 3pm and 5pm, just to be safe.

4.  Carpools are a great idea!  The parking situation is going to be tight.  Coordinate carpool connections via our FB page.

Now, onto the most important stuff–the workouts and the workout assignments.  Please note that in many of the workouts, there are more people assigned to the workout than there are participants in each workout.  This is because one of the rules in the CrossTown Throwdown is that no individual can participate in two workouts in a row.  So if someone’s on the list for one workout, but they just competed in the workout prior (remember, the workouts are all know, but the order of the workouts is unknown), they’re not able to compete.  So you gotta be ready to go if your name is assigned to the workout.



AMRAP 7 minutes, F/F, Alternating Rounds

30 Double Unders
30′ Handstand Walk
10 Hang Power Cleans 105#
30′ Handstand Walk
30 Double Unders

Assigned:  Michelle, Danielle, Bekah


AMRAP 5 minutes (1 Male)

With Double KB’s 53#, as many reps of the following complex…

Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead
OH Squat

Assigned:  Lance, Jonathan

“You don’t know squat”

10 Minutes to find a 2RM Backsquat.  M/F
-One bar, one rack

Assigned:  Lance, D-Sal, Kristy, Leka, Hyo


“Grace” into “Fran” into “Diane”,  F/F/F, one person working at a time.  Break up reps however you want…. 10 minute time cap.

30 C+J for time @ 95# then 21-15-9 Thrusters 65# and Pullups then 21-15-9 Deadlifts 155# and HSPU

Assigned:  Carrie, Katie, Bekah, Kristy, Danielle, Michelle

“150 proof”

As a 3 person team with combined age of 150…

“Helen” relay…
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pullups

Assigned:  Steve D, Steve P, Leka, Brandon, Karl, Tracy

Sweat Shop WODS
“Stress City Miracle”

4 Guys
8 Sets 
15 Overhead Squats 135#

* If you drop the bar before finishing 15 reps, the set does not count, you still must do HSPU before the next person starts.
* Must stay in the same order
Assigned:  Keith, Chris, Peter B, Jacques, Colin, Kamran, Brandon, Steve D, Brian C, JT

2 guys
2 girls 

400m Run
60 Muscle Ups* Everyone goes on the run
* Everyone must be at the rings before starting
* Girl must start
* Each girl must do 1 MU

Assigned:  Danielle, Bekah, Will, Colin, TomS, Chris, Gabe

“Thanks For Playing”

3 Guys (Bar Muscle Ups And Snatch)
2 Girls (Rope Climbs and HSPU)

6 Rounds of:

1 Rope Climb
1 Squat Snatch 135#
8 Bar Muscle Ups

*Relay style, girl does 3 HSPU, then 1 rope climb, tags Guy, Guy does 1 squat snatch @ 135# then 8 Bar muscle ups. Tags the next girl.

*Must stay in the same order
Assigned:  Kristy, Leka, Angela, Jill, Bekah, Tami, Chris, TomS, Will, Gabe, Keith, Colin, Sid, Kamran

“Do you even lift, bro?”
3 Guys

* Score is percentage over bodyweight for each lift
* Team that wins 2 out of 3 lifts wins the event

Guy#1: 3 minutes to find 1RM squat clean  Assigned:  Keith, Will, Brandon, Kamran, TomS
Guy#2: 2 minutes to Run 403m then find 1RM bench press Assigned:  Lawrence, Kamran
Guy#3: 3 minutes to find 1RM overhead squat Assigned:  Chris, Colin, Keith

3 Girls 

Complete a total of 7 Rounds of:

5 Chest to bar Pullups
50 Double Unders

*Relay style, 1 person works at a time
*Each athlete must complete the entire round before the next person can start
 Assigned:  Connie, Sierra, Pooja, Michelle, Angela,  Hyo, Tami
Bust out the calculator:  (3m 3w) 7 minutes to go ground to overhead with as much weight as possible. Every time the bar is lifted, that weight is counted toward the total. 1 bar per team, and 1 person working at a time. Everyone must do 1 lift.
Assigned:  Tami, Jordan, Kristy, Michelle, Brian C, JT, Brandon, Chris, Will
CFO 1 – SS 0:   (3m 3w) Team event #4 CF Regionals 2013.  Everything the same except 20 reps of each movement.
Assigned:  Bekah, Danielle, Tami, Kristy, TomS, Colin, Chris
Lungs & Legs:  (2w) Most meters rowed in 5 minutes & complete a 400m run.  Scored on meters rowed.
Assigned:  Kate, Hilary, Leka
Cluster Fu*k:   (10 any) Round 1- Start with tabata :20 on :10 off of these movements… Burpess/empty bar thrusters/air squats/hand release push ups.  Add up scores of all 20 participants, bottom 2 scores out of all participants are out. Round 2- Next go 1:00 on, :30 off for each individual movement. After each individual movement, bottom 2 scoring participants are out. Keep cycling through all 4 movements until all of one team is eliminated.   Bottom 2 in each round regardless of team will be eliminated. If 3 or more people are tied with bottom score, then they all will be eliminated.
Assigned:  Hyo, Lawrence, Will M, Daniel V, Erica, Jolene, Som, Karl, Jill, Shobi, Heather, Caitlin, Leka, Steve P, Steve D, Joe P, Sid
Thunder Dome!!:   (3m  3w) First to 9 points, one-on-one tug of war.  Rounds will alternating between men and women.  Team stays in same start order.
Assigned:  Armando, Pete D, Brian C, Aundi, Tami, D-Sal, Lance, Jolene, JT
Who’s gonna choke?:  (5m)  9 rounds.  30 double unders no misses/partner carry down and back = completed round.  Miss DU player must still partner carry, but round doesn’t count. 15 minute time cap.
Assigned: Peter B, Brandon, TomS, AJ, Gabe, Sid
TKO:  (5w 5m)  FGB for 1 round.  Each woman starts at a separate station.  Men continue after women.  10 minute running clock.

Assigned:  Alexis, Luuk, TomS, Brandon, Chris, Colin, Tami, Danielle, Kristy, Bekah, Leka, Caitlin
There will be blood:   (12 total -4w minimum)  400 meter run.  3 heats of 8.  4 SS and 4 CFO.  Score points for finishing place.  Lowest team points after 3 rounds wins.  Round 1: Coin flip, one gym picks team, the other gym gets to match up against them.  Round 2: Other gym picks team first.  Round 3: team is made up of remaining athletes.Assigned:  Bekah, Aisha, Kasey, Kristy, Angela, Connie, TomS, Brandon, Will M, Chris, Luuk, Gabe, Karl, Joe P

FRAN-OFF [tm]:  (10 any)  Doubles Fran for 5 rounds.  Best of 5 rounds.  Each team has 10 people.  From the 10 people, teammates will be randomly selected.
Assigned:  Kamran, Will, Chris, TomS, Gabe, Carrie, Joey, AJ, Bekah, Brandon, Colin, Jordan, Will M, Tracy, Jacques, Sid
Smoke em’ if ya got em’:  (??)  Three separate muscle up contests will be scored as one. Event  1. How many different individuals can do 1 MU in your gym?  Event 2.  One man and One woman must do their biggest unbroken set.  Add both sets for score.  Event 3.  4 minutes to get as many combined team MU.
All athletes who participate in Event 1. will be allowed to compete in back-to-back workouts.
Assigned:  Everyone who has a M-U.  Will and Danielle for Event 2.
Nabil DNF?:  (1m) 6 Minute Clock.  800m Run/25 Handstand pushups/Wall Balls for reps
Assigned:  Colin, Kamran
Jerk off the dead:  (3m 3w)  Individuals matched up head-to head.  8 minutes to find 1 rep max jerk.  Using the 1 rep max jerk weight, opposing players have 2 minutes for max rep deadlifts.
Assigned:  Chris, Michelle, Tami, Luuk, Carrie, Kristy, Colin, Brandon, Kamran, JT, Will 
All your base are belong to us:  (4m 3w) 10 ball slams/20 air squats/ crab walk.  Teams start on opposite sides of the gym.  29 tokens are placed between two teams. Player must do 10 ball slams, then 10 air squats, then crab walk to grab token and bring it back to their team.  First team to get 15 tokens to their side wins.
Assigned:  Will V, Rader, Heather, Al F, Jacques, Marlo, Beth, Shobi, Jolene
Ohhh the pressure:  (5w)  9 rounds.  9 unbroken OHSQ  65#/ 150 meter row.  15 minute time cap.
Assigned:  Katie, Carrie, Angela, Beth, Tami, Leka
Ye’ Olde Karen:  (4 any) 150 wallballs.  Minimum combined age 200.
Assigned:  Steve P, Steve D, Leka, Tami

Grace: (5m) Head-to-head. 155#
Assigned:  Keith, Brandon, Brian C, Will, JT, Kamran
Suns out, guns out: (1m 1w) 7 minute AMRAP. 2 legless rope climbs/20 pistols.  Teammates do not have to alternate rounds.
Assigned:  Joey, Danielle, TomS, Sid, Lawrence