Crosstown Throwdown Workouts and Assignments

Oct 2nd, 2012

Crosstown Throwdown Workouts and Assignments



For those of you who haven’t heard, we have the CrossTown Throwdown with fellow CF gym CrossFit Sweatshop this Saturday, October 6th.

The whole thing starts at 8am, and the first workout is happening at 8:30am.  The end time is unknown; it will go until we’re done with all 27 workouts.

Remember, a couple of the main rules to know are that the workout order is unknown, and one person can’t do two workouts in a row.  This means we need to have a lot of people on hand to fill in the gaps.  And if you don’t think you can do a workout, you just may surprise yourself.

Also, I need four volunteers to help me with counting reps and judging the workouts.  Because this is going to be a long day, I’m sweetening the deal by offering a free month’s gym dues in exchange for your help as a volunteer.

So here are the workouts and the personnel assignments for each workout.  Just because your name is listed, it’s no guarantee that you’ll be going in the workout.  Also, the converse could be true:  there could be someone whose name isn’t listed, but they could end up in the workout (it happened last year on a few of the workouts).  I’m simply listing names here right now so that you can know what to prepare yourself for.  It’s best to think of the personnel assignments as being written in pencil, rather than ink.


Pushing Up Daisies  (2 women per squad)
3 Rounds for Time:
20m Prowler Push w/ 180# added (~240# total)

1 woman does all HSPU, 1 woman does all prowler pushes. First team to finish 3 rounds wins. It’s done relay style, so one woman does the 10 HSPU, then the other does the prowler, then back to HSPU, then prowler, etc.

HSPU Personnel: Michelle M, Tami, Joey
Prowler Personnel: Mariko, Lydia, Robyn
You Don’t Know Squat  (3 men per squad, 3 head-to-head match-ups)
1 @ Max Reps @ 315#
1 @ Max Reps @ 275#
1 @ Max Reps @ 225#

Best of three wins the point.

315# Personnel: D-Sal, Brian C, Pete D, Nate, Julian
275# Personnel: Manwell, Brandon, Pete D, Nate, Julian
225# Personnel: Justin, Pete D, Jim, Nate, Julian

Mama Bear  (6 women per squad, relay race style)

30 Bear Complex Reps for Time @ 85#

Each woman does the bear complex (clean to front squat to overhead, then back squat to overhead) without putting the bar down.  The team of 6 women must complete 30 total reps of the Bear complex.  Each woman must complete at least 1 bear complex.

Personnel: Katie, Carrie, Mariko, Michelle M, Tami, Beth Q, Ann G, Connie, Sierra, Ellie, Lydia, Mune, Aisha, Joey, Robyn, Leka, Hannah, Ev

WNFL Combine  (2 women per squad, grand total wins)

Max Rep Bench Press @ 95#. Sum up the total reps of both women from each team.

Personnel: Tami, Mariko, Michelle M

The Old Standby  (1 man and 1 woman per squad)

50 Double-Unders
30 Power Cleans @ 155#
50 Double-Unders
30 Power Cleans @ 105#
100 Double-Unders
15 Power Cleans @ 205#
100 Double-Unders
15 Power Cleans @ 135#

Man does first and third double-under/power clean couplet, woman does second and fourth double-under/power clean couplet.  Power or full clean is allowed.

Personnel: Brandon, Manwell, Brian C, Justin, Tami, Michelle M, Lydia, Carrie

"Snatchy Stressor" (2 guys)

7 minute clock
400m run
Max Reps Squat Snatches 135#
400m run
*Guy #1 runs the first 400. When Guy #1 gets back, both hammer out as many squat snatches as they can. One person at a time. Guy #2 MUST finish the second 400m run before the clock hits 7:00. Team with most snatches wins, however, if any team is late, they lose. If both teams are late, its a draw.

Personnel: Manwell, Patrick T, Brandon, Justin, Jim, Mark P

"In Over Your Head" (1 Guy)

7 minute clock
800m Run
Then do 3 sets, of 3 rep overhead squats.  Athlete can go heavier each 3 rep attempt, or stay at the same weight.
*Score is TOTAL POUNDS OVER BODY WEIGHT. Racks may be used, or spotters and loaders.

Personnel: Brian C, Manwell, Mini
"Amanda" (2 Guys)

Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch 135#

*Guy 1 does 9 Muscle Ups, Guy 2 does 9 Muscle Ups, Guy 1 does 9 Snatch, Guy 2 does 9 Snatch

Personnel: Manwell, Jim, Mark P

"Row & Throw" (1 Guy, 1 Girl) Combined age at least 90 years. minimum age 40.

2 Rounds
500m Row
30 Wall Balls (10 foot target, 20lbs. for men, 14lbs. for women)

*both athletes work at the same time, can’t move to next station until all reps of exercise complete.  2 rowers, 2 wall ball station per team.

Personnel: Steve P, Leka, Ann G, Marc T, CPeak, Mini, Robyn

"Ladies First"  (2 girls, 2 guys)

Girls perform:
400m Run
20 Box Jumps (24")
20 KB Swings (44#)
400m Run
20 Box Jumps

immediately followed by
Guys perform:

5 Muscle Ups
5 Squat Cleans 185
7 Handstand Pushups
5 Muscle Ups
5 Squat Cleans 185
7 Handstand Pushups
2 Muscle Ups
*both girls work at the same time, but can’t move to next exercise until both have completed the reps of each exercise.
*box jump standard is entire foot lands on box, no part of foot hanging off box
*once girls are done, guys begin: both guys work at same time, but can’t move to next exercise until both have completed the reps of each exercise.
*Each athlete will have their own equipment.

Personnel: Ellie, Hyo, Selin, Connie, Sierra, Katie, Hannah, Manwell, Jim, Mark P, Jacques, Mini, Jacques

Good Old Helen: (3 any)  400m run/21 kb swings/12 chin over pull ups. Combined age has to be 135 minimum. One round each.

Personnel: Steve P, Leka, Mini, Justin, Gabe

Fran Off [tm]: (6 men) 21/15/9 thrusters chin over pull ups. Best out of 3 head to head matches. Heat 1 weight 95#, heat 2 weight 135#, heat 3 weight 155#. Thruster only.

95# Personnel: Everyone
135# Personnel: Just about anybody
155# Personnel: Brian C, Manwell, Brandon

Soul Crusher: (5 men) Head-to-head. One set of 21 buprees then, 15/9/3 deadlift then thrusters at 135#.

Personnel: Brian C, Pete D, Manwell, Brandon, Justin, Jim, Mark P, Nate

Running Coach Special: (4 women then 4 men)  8×400 meter relay

Personnel: Selin, Connie, Sierra, Hannah, Ellie, Leka, Aaron C, Gabe, Karl, Brandon, Justin, Manwell, Mini, Jason

Perfect or Push: (6 men) 7 total rounds relay. 15 reps straight of 135# ohsq, then Prowler push. Missed ohsq, means round does not count. Goal is 6 completed rounds.  Prowler will be loaded with 185# and be pushed 25 meters out, and then back. Make or miss the ohsq you still have to push the prowler.

Personnel: Brian C, Manwell, Jim, Mark P, Brandon, Pete D, Julian, Nate, Mini

Cluster Fuck: (10 any) Round 1- Start with tabata :20 on :10 off of these movements… Burpess/empty bar thrusters/air squats/plate jumps*. Add up scores of all 20 participants, bottom 2 scores out of all participants are out. Round 2- Next go 1:00 on, :30 off for each individual movement. After each individual movement, bottom 2 scoring participants are out. Keep cycling through all 4 movements until all of one team is eliminated.   Bottom 2 in each round regardless of team will be eliminated. If 3 or more people are tied with bottom score, then they all will be eliminated.

Personnel: Everyone

Staff Infection: (2 women) Max rope climbs in 4 minutes.

Personnel: Joey, Michelle M, Connie, Sierra, Ellie, Hannah, Tami, Beth Q

Grace: (5 men) Head-to-head. 135#

Personnel: Manwell, Brandon, Justin, Nate, Patrick T, Pete D, Brian C, Armando

Row Harder: (2 women) Most meters rowed in 3 minutes. Combine meters rowed of both teammates for score.

Personnel: Lydia, Kirsten, Kate

How Fat are You: (1 woman, ? men) 1000lbs max team weight limit. In 8 minutes each person must do a 1 rep max of their deadlift then strict press. Best lift of each team member is added for score. Entire team must work on one lift at a time. Once team has switch from deadlift to press, they can not go back. If any team member does not lift it’s a DNF for the entire team.

Personnel: Tami, Michelle M, D-Sal, Nate, Manwell, Brandon

Pull This:  (3 man 3 women) First to 9 points, one-on-one tug of war.  Rounds will alternating between men and women.  Team stays in same start order.

Personnel: Nate, Brian C, Manwell, Mariko, Tami, Michelle M, Katie
T Hammer: (1 man 1 woman) Run one at a time, coin flip who goes first. 21 65/95# ohsq/hammer sled*./15 hspu/hammer sled/9 burpee box jumps/hammer sled. *Hammer sled is the thing fire fighters use in their competitions. We will be borrowing one.

Personnel: Justin, Michelle M, Mune, Lydia, Tami, Manwell, Brandon

Save Me Buddy Lee: (6 women) 7 round relay. 20 straight double unders, shuttle run. Missed double under means round does not count.  Shuttle run will be approximately 20′,40,60′,80′

Personnel: Tami, Connie, Sierra, Michelle M, Hannah, Lydia, Beth Q, Mune, Katie, Ann G

So Fresh, So Clean: (3 women 3 men) 7 minutes to clean as much weight as possible. Every time the bar is lifted, that weight is counted toward the total. 1 bar per team, and 1 person working at a time. Everyone must do 1 clean. Power or full.

Personnel: Brandon, Manwell, Brian C, Nate, Julian, Tami, Michelle M, Lydia, Carrie, Mariko

Steiner: (1 man 1 woman) 6 minutes to find 1 rep max of snatch and clean and jerk. Only pounds lifted over body weight will be counted.  If a individual can not snatch over body weight,  heavest attempt must still be made, this will be used as a tie breaker.

Personnel: Manwell, Michelle M, Tami
BASEketball: (4 any) Relay. Team of 4 do 3 wall balls, then run 123′ feet down and back. Goal is 50 total wall balls. If the ball drops to the ground that team loses. Use a 14# ball for men and women to a 10′ target.  When teams transition from one person doing 3 wall balls to the next, the transition must be off the wall.

Personnel: Just about everyone

Fran Off 2: (6 women) 21/15/9 65# thrusters chin over pull ups. Best out of 3 head to head matches.

Personnel: Just about any woman with pull-ups