CrossTown Throwdown Wrap-Up

Nov 11th, 2013

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CrossTown Throwdown Wrap-Up


A lot of videos, pictures, and posts have been flying around FB, Instagram, and the like, so most of you probably already know that the CrossTown Throwdown happened yesterday at CF Sweat Shop.  When all the (chalk) dust settled, we edged out CF Sweat Shop 14-13.  That’s right, it came down to the very last workout (more on that below).

Before I go into a quick list of highlights from the event, I need to thank a few people.

First up, a big thank-you to Big Mike (MJ), who many of you have probably seen around the gym, or in back throwing around huge amounts of weight.  He was the one who planned the event, came up with most of the workouts, and ran the thing.  He did an outstanding job keeping things moving along (we had to get through 27 workouts, after all!) and even managed to make the whole competition come down to the very last workout.  Well done!

Also, a big thank-you is in order for Nabil, JB, and the rest of the crew over at CF Sweat Shop.  They were great hosts, and everyone really felt at home over there.  Not to mention the fact that they really brought it and are great competitors as well.  We’re fortunate to know such a great gym nearby and to be able to mix it up with them every so often.

Another thank-you is in order for Arnold, who put in a lot of planning heading into the Throwdown and had a solid game plan for every workout.  He did a great job keeping us organized!

And finally, a giant thank-you to all of you CFOers who came out and represented, screamed, and shouted, whether you were competing or there just cheering us on.  It was so great to have everyone from our two locations coming together and getting after it.  So many of you stayed until the very end–it was very much appreciated and reminded me of why CFO is so special.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There were so many highlights; everyone who competed put everything they had into their workout(s).  That being said, in no particular order, here are some of the ones that come to mind.

*  The Tug-o-War.  This whole event was crazy.  Jolene, Aundi, Kristy, D-Sal, Greg, and Pete D all showed us how it was done.  This was a simple one-on-one tug-o-war match.  First team to win 9 rounds wins the event.  The whole entire gym went crazy over this.  It was the event of the day, no doubt.  Final score:  CFO 9, CFSS 2.  Of particular note were Jolene, Aundi, and Kristy, representing the CFO women and turning in strong performances (they went undefeated).  You can check out some videos from the tug-o-war on our FB page.

*  Tami, Michelle, and Carrie absolutely crushing the jerk/deadlift event.  These three ladies were so strong and impressive, busting out deadlifts almost non-stop for the entire 2-minute period.  And this was after they went heavy on their jerks (Carrie PR’d her 1-rep max jerk).

*  Seeing everyone laying it on the line in the Tabata workout and the burpee/crab walk workout.  These were two brutal workouts that required lots of pain tolerance and a no-quit attitude.  You all impressed, especially since so many of you were newcomers to the CF competition thing!

*  Connie and Sierra putting on a double-under clinic.  This was the only workout (a couple rounds each of 5 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 50 double-unders) they did, and they were waiting all day for it, but when it came time for them to go, they delivered.  They both went through their 50 double-unders unbroken…twice!  We lost the workout to a really game CFSS team, but our team fought hard and took it down to the wire.

*  The conga line of muscle-ups.  This was a sight to see, with everyone in the gym who had a muscle-up showing their stuff.

*  Finally winning the workouts where we’ve been dominated in the past.  This was the most satisfying for me personally.  We’ve been dominated in two particular types of workouts in the past two years (even when we won the Throwdown two years ago):  a “Max Weight Moved in X Minutes” type of workout, and “Grace.”

This year, we had to do max ground-to-overhead as a 6-person team (3 men, 3 women) in 7 minutes.  Will, Brandon, Kamran, Michelle, Tami, and Carrie all executed a perfect game plan, repping out 95-pound power snatches (and sometimes clean-and-jerks).  Our plan worked and we won the workout.

The other thing we’ve had a hard time with in the past is team Grace (30 clean-and-jerks for time).  Our match-ups in the past were often ill-thought-out (totally on me).  This time we had a solid idea about how to match up our competitors, and Keith, Brandon, Kamran, Colin, and Will all stepped up and brought their A game.  We won 4-1 and redeemed ourselves in the process.

* Last but not least, the final workout where Colin went head-to-head against Nabil (owner of CFSS, a great guy, and one heck of a CFer as well).  The Throwdown was on the line, with the scored tied 13-13.  Whichever gym won this workout won the Throwdown.  This was a nasty workout where you had 6 minutes to run 800m, do 25 handstand push-ups, and with whatever time was left over, get as many wall balls as you could.  Both competitors brought everything they had.  The gym was so loud I could barely hear myself screaming, with both sides cheering on their man.  When it was all said and done, Colin edged out Nabil, getting 3 more wall balls (43-40) and winning us the Throwdown.

These are just a few highlights.  This post is already way too long, but know there were a ton of impressive performances by CFOers.  You all should be proud of yourselves!  The Tiki is back at CFO!