Eat Clean/Train Dirty Challenge – Week 2

Sep 6th, 2012

Eat Clean/Train Dirty Challenge – Week 2

sweet potato sausage hash.jpg 

Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash, the perfect post-WOD meal

From what I am hearing, most of you participants are doing fabulously well so far with this challenge, even with the holiday weekend.  If you have not sent in your before photos or paid your $$, it really is time.

Over the last two weeks, you might have had to explain your change in diet to your friends, family, co-workers, local grocery store clerk.  That can sometimes be challenging.  Check out this article that I shamelessly stole off Lau’s Facebook page.  It is actually the transcript of a podcast which you can download.  Here is an outline of what is covered by Mat LaLonde Ph.D in the discussion:

7:10 Invalid Inference 1: Our Paleolithic ancestors ate this way and they were free of disease
9:45 Invalid Inference 2: We haven’t evolved enough to thrive on modern agriculture
12:12 Invalid Inference 3: We should live like our ancestors because we’re still genetically the same
18:12 What is the best scientifically backed argument for Paleo?
22:21 Why typical claims about antinutrients are wrong
26:28 The misconceptions about phytic acid
35:46 What can molecules tell us about white potatoes
39:57 Are lectins really problematic?
44:30 The least problematic macronutrient in dairy
50:38 Is slow, low cooking the ultimate way to cook?
55:35 Gluten sensitivity and coffee cross-reactivity
59:41 The real story behind Pseudo grains like Quinoa

Pretty cool science stuff if you like to geek out and generally helps in combating the haters and mockers out there.

One more month. Keep up the good work!  And remember to share recipes, issues and any other experiences along the way via this blog post or FB.  

The Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash recipe shown above can be found here.  I add more spices like cinnamon and chili powder and skip the green salsa.