Elements Class Makeover

Dec 31st, 2013

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Elements Class Makeover


Starting this Friday January 3rd, the Elements Class (Mon/Wed/Fri 11am) is getting a makeover.

The name of the class is being changed to Movement and Mobility, which is a great summary of what the focus of the class is going to be.  This class is going to be ideal for those looking for a gentler approach to CrossFit training, to those brand new to the program, or to those dealing with mobility issues that prevent you from performing fully functional movements.  It can also serve as a great warm-up or cool-down for our standard CFO WODs.  We’re really excited about this new offering.

Dawn will be programming the workouts and Arnold and Dawn will be co-coaching the class for the first month.

The class is going to be broken down roughly as follows:

Extended Warm-Up (15-20 minutes)
Mini-WOD (5 minutes, focusing on core movements)
Metcon or Strength (10-15 minutes, metcon on Mon/Fri, strength on Wed)
Mobility Work and Stretching (10-15 minutes)

Each month will have a key area of focus around a movement pattern for a joint and its related musculature.  In January, the focus will be on the hip joint.  This means a lot of the work we’ll be doing will be around opening up the hip joint, strengthening the muscles around the joint, and fixing broken movement patterns about the hip.  We’ll rotate through to other joints and their surrounding musculature in the following months (e.g., February is going to be a shoulder focus).

If you know someone who would benefit from this kind of approach to training, please let them know and pass them along this information, or better yet, get them in here.  We’re excited to get this rolling!