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Feel free to drop in during scheduled class times and observe a CFO class in action. For the best chance at success, as well as for your health and safety, CrossFit Oakland requires one of the following before you join a regular CrossFit class:

On-Ramp Program ($209)882887_10102927633116640_973160635_o

Our on-ramp class meets 3 times a week for 4 weeks at pre-determined class times, as each class session builds on the last.  It is designed for generally active and injury-free clients and is taught in a small-group setting as a way to offer safe and quality instruction in the basic CrossFit movements, which appear most often in our group class programming.

In addition to drilling the fundamental exercises, on-ramp participants will be exposed to the fun of working out in a group as well as the intensity level that is so much a part of our workouts (in a progressively increasing manner). In addition, basic nutrition concepts will be introduced and each client will receive simple instruction and feedback on this throughout the on-ramp program.

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6 One-Hour Introductory Sessions ($419)887021_10102950625484750_158316873_o

Our 6-Introductory Sessions program offers an introduction to the elemental movements you will see in typical CrossFit workouts, is offered 1:1 with a certified CrossFit trainer and is recommended for any client who is:

  • new to exercise
  • has been generally sedentary
  • is referred by a health care professional
  • has significant health or orthopedic issues or
  • has sport-specific performance goals 

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