Giving Back During the Holidays

Dec 5th, 2012

Giving Back During the Holidays


Ann, Carrie, and Beth

With the holiday season upon us, we thought it would be great to get into the spirit of giving.  A big thanks to Lydia for bringing this program to our attention.

From now until December 20th, we’re going to be collecting donations for a program called Alternative Family Services.  The donations can be cash or non-cash items.  As you can see from the list below, there are many needs.

About Alternative Family Services

Alternative Family Services (AFS) is a foster, adoptions and mental health agency that has been creating safe, permanent connections for foster children and youth in the Bay Area since 1978.  AFS is committed to:

  • Supporting families at risk
  • Creating permanency options for all foster children
  • Providing mental health and other supports to children, youth and their families
  • Preparing foster youth for adult independent living
  • Responding to needs in the community as they arise

How You Can Help

AFS has published a Needs List, as follows (you can also view the list online here):

  • Funding for extra curricular activities:  HIGH NEED, monetary donations can be given by going to the AFS Needs List website.
  • Gift Cards:  HIGH NEED, including any and all of the following: gas cards, clothing retailers, school supplies, sporting goods, movie passes, art/crafts stores, restaurants, etc. (Please write the amount on the card.)
  • Diapers and Bath Supplies:  HIGH NEED
  • Backpacks and School Supplies for ALL ages:  paper, pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, colored pencils, binders, etc.
  • Packs of Socks and Underwear and T-Shirts: ALL sizes, colors. Onesies for babies, underwear in youth sizes, socks in ALL sizes.
  • Hygiene Supplies:  toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, lotions, etc.

** Update **

There’s also an opportunity to help hand out gifts to the kids and foster families during AFS’s Open House on December 21 and December 22.  If this is something you’re interested in doing, email Lydia directly and she can add you to the list of volunteers.

You can drop off any donated items at CFO.  We’ll have a giant box to make things easy.  As you can see from the list above, there are lots of options for giving.  Let’s do our part to make this holiday season special for those in need.

All donated items are being picked up and dropped off on December 20th, so this gives us a little over a couple of weeks to make this happen.  Let’s get it done!