Going Paperless and Mobile with Front Desk!

Jun 29th, 2013

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Going Paperless and Mobile with Front Desk!

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Screen shot of the Front Desk sign-in page for E’Ville

Besides striving to employ best practices in our coaching, programming and performance offerings, CrossFit Oakland is also looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge with respect to way we manage the business.

We have wanted to go paperless and mobile for awhile and have found a system that will support these wishes.  We’ve also been looking for a more efficient and reliable way to track attendance in order to make good decisions regarding group class offerings as our community grows.

We believe we have moved closer to these goals by switching from our current service to a new client service software called Front Desk.

We’ve been able to migrate much of your client information from our previous system, but not all of it.  Please check your email for instructions on how gain access to your profile information, set up a login/password, etc.  Some of you will need to add your credit card information, as it is encrypted for your safety.  We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.  If you run into any issues with the setup or did not receive email instructions, let us know and we will walk you through the process.

Both CFO locations will be providing an ipad kiosk so that new clients can set up accounts and sign waivers digitally – no paper!  And current clients can mange account updates at the gym as well as at home.  Please let us know if you run into any issues setting up and/or managing your account and we can help you next time you are at the gym.

Be advised that Emeryville and Uptown are on different systems.  The email you receive should contain the correct link, but here they are just in case:

Emeryville (67th Street): https://crossfitoakland.frontdeskhq.com

Uptown (41st Street): https://cfouptown.frontdeskhq.com

Want to access your info from your smartphone?  Just type in the link above in your browser and login.  You can scroll down and hit that nifty ‘send/share’ icon at the bottom of your smartphone browser and choose the option ‘add to home screen’.  Cool, huh?

If you encounter any issues with any of these processes, feel free to email us or just ask Robyn or Mike at the gym.

Thanks for your cooperation and support!