Heeeeeeeeee’s Back! Coach Aaron and the Track WOD returns this Saturday Jan 4th!

Dec 30th, 2013

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Heeeeeeeeee’s Back! Coach Aaron and the Track WOD returns this Saturday Jan 4th!

Track WOD

A few words from Coach Aaron on his upcoming track workouts and the coming year…

Are you ready to work on being a faster, more efficient and capable runner? Willing to accept a new challenge and try something different in the new year? CFO Endurance is set to resume weekly running and track workouts for 2014 starting Saturday, January 4 at Piedmont HS at 9:30am. Join your fellow CFO members and supplement your current training program with some good ol’ fashioned, but effective, interval-­based track workouts to help blast through your V02 max threshold. Love it or hate it, high­-intensity interval training is one of the better ways to increase endurance, improve strength, lower your WOD times and make you a faster, well­-rounded CrossFitter.

Both newcomers and experienced runners can benefit from this weekly program. Each session lasts no more than 1:15 and incorporates an array of speed and speed endurance workouts. Rarely are two workouts designed the same and each session generally progresses throughout the year. Periodically, we’ll conduct time trials to test your overall improvement, strength and speed. The program continues throughout the year (Oct/November), so there are always many opportunities to work on your running technique and fitness.

There are two payment options to choose from:
1.) Single Drop­in fee of $10.
2.) Unlimited Monthly Membership* for $35 paid for 1 month. This also includes Tuesday track workouts with members of the Oakland Triathlon Club (6:00am or 6:30pm classes).
*Most popular. Debit or credit cards accepted.
3.) If Saturday mornings don’t fit your schedule, I’m happy to schedule 1:1 sessions as well.

The overall benefits of this CFO Endurance program are endless. Make 2014 your fittest, fastest and best year of CF…evah! And in case you haven’t, don’t forget to LIKE the CFO Endurance Facebook page. Feel free to contact me there with your questions.

I look forward to seeing you on the track!

Coach Aaron