It’s All Over But the Shouting…Until Regionals and the Games!

Apr 9th, 2013

It’s All Over But the Shouting…Until Regionals and the Games!


Team CFO after doing 13.5 at CrossFit Sweat Shop

After five glorious weeks, the 2013 CrossFit Open has come to an end.  For most of us, this marks the end of our CrossFit Games season (can’t wait ’til next year!).

But for some CFOers, the Open was only the first stage.  Next up for us is the team competition at Regionals.  We’re still putting together the roster, but by virtue of our 23rd place finish in the Open, we’ve qualified to compete at the Regionals (the top 30 teams at the end of the Open go on to Regionals).  The team roster gets cut down to 4 men and 4 women.  

I’ll post more details on how the team competition works in the coming weeks.  Hopefully we can get as much CFO support as possible at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds over Memorial Day Weekend, which is where and when the Regional competition is happening.

Although we won’t be sending any individuals to compete at the Regionals, two of our women qualified for the individual competition, which I think is so cool, especially since both of these women were not training with the individual competition in mind.  Those two women, in case you haven’t already guessed, are Michelle (41st in NorCal) and Candace (46th in NorCal).  The top 48 women finishers in the Open qualify for Regionals.

And last but not least, we’ve already had one individual secure his spot in the Games:  Steve P, our Masters athlete superstar!

Steve had a phenomenal Open performance, finishing up 11th in the world!  The top 20 go directly to the Games, so we’ll be seeing him compete at the Home Depot Center in July.

What’s most impressive about Steve’s Open performance was his steady climb up the leaderboard over the 5-week period.  Here’s where he stood at the end of each week (his worldwide rank, not how he fared on each workout).

Week 1:  40th Place
Week 2:  26th Place
Week 3:  17th Place
Week 4:  14th Place
Week 5:  11th Place

For any of you who know Steve, you know how much time and effort he’s put into making it to the Games over the past year.  It’s been a long road, and he really earned his spot in the Games.  I couldn’t be prouder of him!  If you get a chance to talk to him in person, please congratulate him (even though he’ll probably shrug it off and give credit elsewhere).

And thanks to Steve, CFO’s streak of sending at least one person to the final stage of the Games has remained intact.  We’ve had someone compete in the Games every year since its inception in 2007.  So good on all of ya…you’re part of a pretty special gym!