Justin and Steve D Compete at the Summer Throwdown

Aug 22nd, 2011

Justin and Steve D Compete at the Summer Throwdown


Justin and Steve D doing the obligatory shirtless, post-workout picture

CF cliche posing aside, Justin and Steve D did a great job of representing CFO at the Lalanne Fitness Summer Throwdown yesterday.  And yes, Steve D was the mystery competitor I wrote about on Thursday’s post.

The events were tough ones.  Both Justin and Steve had to confront a couple of skill elements that weren’t exactly in their wheelhouse in workout 1, which was as follows:

Max Rounds Plus Reps in 9 Minutes:
9 Squat Snatches @ 135#
9 Squat Cleans @ 135#
9 Overhead Squats @ 135#
9 Shoulder-to-Overheads @ 135#

Both wanted to simply get through one round, and both achieved that and then some.  

For Steve, whose previous PR in the snatch was 135#, he managed to get 12 snatches at that weight during the workout.  Quite the feat!  When the clock sounded, Steve had gotten through one full round and 3 snatches.

Justin also wanted to get through a single round going into the workout.  He’s been putting in a lot of work lately with overhead squats and snatches and it paid some dividends for him in this workout.  When it was all said and done, he got through one full round, 9 snatches and 9 cleans.  Nicely done!

After workout 1, Steve and Justin picked it up with strong performances in workout 2, which was a double-under/sandbag run/plate burpee AMRAP (10 minutes).  Both had initial issues with the double-unders that they overcame to finish strong (Justin passed 5 guys on the run).

Workout 3, which was max pull-ups in 3 minutes, was more of the same for both, improving on their earlier performances, especially Justin, who turned in the 4th best performance overall, tallying 72 pull-ups.

Only the top 10 men moved on to the final workout, and although they both fought hard and gave everything they had to make it there, Justin and Steve finished outside the top 10.  Justin ended up in 14th place and Steve finished in 47th place.  Justin finished 8 points (reps) behind the 10th-place finisher–tight competition!

Great job, Justin and Steve!  Way to represent CFO!

Final Standings:  www.lalannefitness.com/index.php/Main/index-single/summer_throwdown_final_results/