Labor Day Weekend Schedule…

Aug 29th, 2013

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Labor Day Weekend Schedule…


Dr Dwayne holding up the CFO tent = Labor Day

Check it out.  Here is the weekend schedule for this Labor Day Holiday weekend.  Remember to spend some time down in San Jose with our Moxie Madness teams!

Saturday Aug 31st:

Emeryville:  8am, 9am & 10am.  NO COMPETITION CLASS due to Moxie Madness

Uptown:  8am, 9am & 10am.  NO KETTLEBELL CONDITIONING due to Moxie Madness

Sunday Sept 1st:

Emeryville:  8am, 9am & 10am

Uptown: Closed

Monday (Labor Day) Sept 2nd:

Emeryville:  8am, 9am & 10am classes ONLY

Uptown:   8am, 9am & 10am classes ONLY

Enjoy the holiday!