Last Minute Details on Throwdown Dinner

Apr 9th, 2008

Last Minute Details on Throwdown Dinner


The Hiller Highlands Country Club


We’re changing the venue for our throwdown dinner this Sunday, April 13.

We’re now holding the dinner at the banquet room in the Hiller Highland Country Club (thanks to CFOer Brad G for making this happen).

All other details related to the dinner are still the same (time is still 4pm, date is still April 13).

Also, please note that we’ll be holding our Sunday afternoon class at 2pm so that there will be time to go to the afternoon class and still make the throwdown dinner with time to spare.

For directions to the club, click the link below:

Google Map for the Highlands Country Club

Lance needs a final headcount by end of day Wednesday, so if you plan on attending and you haven’t already responded via comments or email, please do so now. And be sure to let us know if you’re bringing guests.

See you all on Sunday!