Max’s Gym Offerings & Upcoming Events

Mar 21st, 2014

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Max’s Gym Offerings & Upcoming Events

The women from Jo Ann’s strength class testing their squats

Max’s Gym, the strength training gym that operates at the back of CFO, and which is run by Max and Jo Ann Aita, has some updates to their schedule that may be of interest to CFOers and anyone else out there looking to do some strength training and/or practice the Olympic lifts.

Max’s Olympic Lifting Class

Max Aita is now offering a 2-day/week Olympic Lifting Class for CrossFitters who want to improve their Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  This class is designed to work in conjunction with regular CrossFit programming to help refine the technique of the Olympic lifts.  This class is for all skill levels & will be limited to 8 participants.  To sign up, email Max Aita at

Tues & Thur mornings 9:30-11am
$180/month (month-to-month commitment)
@ “Max’s Gym” in the back of CFO

About Max:  Max Aita is a very experienced Olympic weightlifting coach who has trained with some of the most successful coaches in the sport, including Glenn Pendlay, Steve Gough, and Ivan Abadjiev.  He is currently the head coach of the “Max’s Gym” Weightlifting Team, those competitive lifters that train in the back of CrossFit Oakland!  Max is a former Olympic Lifter & current Powerlifter with a 335kg/738lb Back Squat and 320kg/705lb Deadlift.  He has been involved in weightlifting for nearly 2 decades.

Check out video of one of Max’s Lifters at the Max’s Gym Open:
Raphael Dozzi- Snatching 115kg/253lb, Clean & Jerking 147kg/325lb @100kg/220lb bodyweight

Max Aita 0-600 lbs Squat in 30 seconds!!!

Women’s Strength Program

Jo Ann Aita is now registering women for a 3-day/week NEW Women’s Strength Program located at Max’s Gym, in the back of CFO!  This ongoing training program is limited to 10 women, and there are currently 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE, starting April 1st.  Interested women email Jo Ann Aita at

WOMEN’S STRENGTH PROGRAM- 3-days/week, $200/monthly

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesdays 4-6pm
Thursdays 5-7pm
Saturdays 9-11am

This program is intended for Women who want to get STRONG, either for CrossFit, for Powerlifting, for Olympic Weightlifting, or for general BA-ness!!!  It is for women of all strength levels.  This is an ongoing program, meaning it is not intended for women who only want to do 1 or 2 months.  The programming is formulated with a 3-6 month vision in mind.  You are expected to attend all sessions, except for the unusual absence.

Those of you participating will not be required, but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO COMPETE!!!  The women from this program will have the opportunity to be coached at a couple of Powerlifting meets each year.

This NEW Program is different than Jo Ann’s previous 6-Week Women’s Strength Class.  She is currently not offering that class.  She will be pushing this new program primarily, at least through Spring 2014.  Her vision is for more success with this new & improved Women’s Strength Program!

Jo Ann Aita World Record Video

About Jo Ann: Jo Ann Aita, currently 43 years of age, has been training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2003 . She is a National Medalist and currently holds both Snatch and Clean & Jerk Records in the Pacific Weightlifting Association. Despite starting weightlifting at the age of 33, and rehabbing two shoulder surgeries in 2010, she was able to come back with PR lifts at the Olympic Trials in 2012, placing 5th overall in the 117-lb weight class, against many competitors half her age!

At the Women’s Pro-Am meet in November 2012, Jo Ann went 9/9 setting a New World Record Powerlifting Total in the Raw w/wraps category. She also broke the American Raw Deadlift record, which has stood since 1981. Her lifts at 114 lbs bodyweight:

Back Squat: 309 lbs, Bench Press: 165 lbs, Deadlift: 375 lbs, Total: 849 lbs

Jo Ann was also a Track & Field and Cross Country athlete for over a decade and competed for UCLA. She is a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach and has been getting lifters strong for the past 4 years. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, specializing in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Work, with a Bay Area Practice for the past 14 years. Jo Ann has accomplished all of this while raising a child, managing 3 careers, and running a gym!

PWA Championships
And finally, Max’s Gym will also be hosting the Pacific Weightlifting Association (PWA) Championships at CrossFit Oakland on May 3rd and May 4th.  This would be a great opportunity to see some strong lifters in action, or to even participate in an Olympic Weightlifting meet yourself.  The entry form is not yet available, but you can check the PWA Schedule page to keep posted on the meet as it gets closer.  We’ll also post more details on our blog as we get closer to the meet.
You can now register for the PWA Championships here:


  1. Kasey March 21, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Aw man, I’d love to do the Olympic Lifting for CF’ers but it’s during work hours. 🙁