More Info on the CrossFit Day at the A’s Game

Aug 3rd, 2014

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More Info on the CrossFit Day at the A’s Game




Last week we posted on this really fun event happening on Sunday September 7th:  CrossFit Day at the A’s game.

This is gonna be so cool, and we’re trying to get as many of you out there as possible.  Not only is the game itself going to be fun and great time among fellow CFers, there’s a little bit of an added twist:  If we end up as one of the top 20 gyms (in terms of tickets purchased), we get to send one of our athletes to a special throwdown happening prior to the game.  Not only do we represent by showing up in droves at the game, but we represent by sending one of our athletes to compete against other top athletes from the area.

We’re now setting our sites on getting at least 50 tickets.  Friends and family are welcome, of course, and count toward the ticket total.  So come join us for a great game (and like all CF events, there’s a free t-shirt involved).  The A’s currently have the best record in all of baseball and are a blast to watch.

In order to lock in our place, we would like to have all ticket purchases made by August 15th.  We’ll be setting up a way for you to pay via credit card later this week, and cash is also fine, too.  All the purchases have to be made through us to qualify us as a gym, though.  If you buy tickets directly from the A’s site, your purchase won’t count toward our gym total.

In the meantime, be sure to email us, and include a total count if you have other friends and family going with you.