Moxie Madness Recap

Aug 19th, 2014

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Moxie Madness Recap


The EGA crew (left) and the Uptown crew (right)

This past weekend, two teams from the CFO family, Team EGA and Team Uptown, competed in Moxie Madness.  Moxie Madness is a two-man, two-woman team competition, and one of the biggest around.  Team EGA competed in the Open (Rx’d) division, one of 79 teams competing in that division.  Team Uptown competed in the Novice division, one of 39 teams competing in that division.  We’re talking about a ton of teams from all over the Bay Area!

Team EGA was represented by Chelsea, Michelle, Harold, and Colin.  Team Uptown was represented by Jennifer, Kasey, Tim, and Josh.

There were six workouts spread out over two days (three per day), and they tested just about everything you’d expect in a competition among CFers.  Both days had tests of strength (3RM tests of bench press, front squat, bench press, and hang clean), as well as some nasty conditioning tests.

Team EGA turned in solid performances all weekend.  Their highlight performances were a 2nd-place finish in the first workout of the weekend, a deadlift/box jump-over AMRAP, and in the final event of the weekend, which involved 300-yard sandbag shuttle sprints, max calories on the rower, and max calories on the bike.  They had a 5th place finish on the rowing piece, and took 1st place on the bike piece.  Talk about a strong finish!  When it was all said and done, Team EGA finished in 9th place overall.  Strong work!

Team Uptown was particularly notable because two of them were competing in their first-ever CF competition, Josh and Tim.  This was a great learning experience for them and it was great seeing the whole team communicate with one another and fight hard for every rep, pound, or second they could get.  They were really well organized coming into the competition, and since I hardly get to see them (or the EGA folks for that matter), it was a pleasure being able to spend some time around them over the weekend.  The highlight for Team EGA was the final event of the weekend, the aforementioned sandbag shuttle sprint/calories on rower/calories on bike conditioning test.  They crushed the bike piece and took 4th place.  It was a great way to cap the weekend.  Strong work, Team Uptown!