NorCal Regionals Round-Up

May 22nd, 2012

NorCal Regionals Round-Up


Michelle showing the determination typical of CFO competitors this past weekend
(photo courtesy of Gymnastics WOD)

The 2012 NorCal Regionals are all done now, having finished up this past Sunday.  By now, most of you know Candace finished in 3rd place overall, which earns her a ticket to the big stage (and the final stage), the CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center July 13-15.  You also know that Team CFO finished in 9th place overall, with a number of stellar performances along the way.

In no particular order, here are some quick notes:

  • Workout 5 was a snatch ladder.  In the team version, the three women, Tami, Michelle, and Lydia, had 50 seconds to attempt to snatch a weight.  If they got it, they moved on to the next station where they’d attempt a heavier weight.  It started at 105 pounds and went up from there, ending at 185 pounds.  Long story short, all three women PR’d on their snatch.  For the three men, Justin, Brandon, and Brian C, the weight started at 155 pounds and went up from there, finishing at 295 pounds.  And just like the women, all three men PR’d their snatch in the heat of competition.  When it as all said and done, Team CFO had the 6th highest total of all teams competing (the sum of the top snatch for each of the 6 team members).  As a caveat, the women had the 2nd highest subtotal among all women.
  • Workout 5 for women was also a snatch ladder, and also was under a 50-second time limit with the same starting weight and finishing weight.  The only difference was that the women had to do 20 double-unders before they could attempt the snatch.  Candace ended up PR’ing her snatch as well!  She finished 2nd overall in the workout, which was her best performance of the weekend.
  • Workout 2 for the team was a 4-person relay (two men and two women) of 1000m rows, 25 pistols, and 30 hang cleans @ 225#/135#.  Instead of playing it safe, we put Brian C in the third position, ahead of Tami.  We knew Tami would absolutely smash the cleans so there was lots of pressure on Brian to finish his pistols and cleans before Tami was up.  Brian was struggling with pistols (one-legged squats) up until the day of competition.  What did he do?  He went 25 for 25 on the pistols–every single rep was legit.  He then worked his way through the cleans, finishing up his last clean right as Tami finished her final pistol.  With the path cleared, Tami motored through the 15 hang cleans in just under 30 seconds, passing about 5 teams along the way.  Team CFO finished 2nd in its heat and 7th overall in this workout.
  • Candace’s Day 1 performance set the stage for the entire weekend.  She went double-PR, hitting big PRs on both workouts (around 40 seconds on the first workout and around 2 minutes on the second one)!  Talk about raising your game!
  • Tami and Brian smashed through a heavy one-arm dumbbell snatch (100 pounds for men, 70 pounds for women) relay for Workout 3, ending up with the 7th fastest time overall.  The highlight was seeing Tami sprint her way to the finish line after absolutely destroying the dumbbell snatches, handling them as if they were featherweights.

And finally, there were a number of things that can’t be seen by simply looking at the Leaderboard.  The heart, grit, determination, and fighting spirit that all the competitors from CFO showed was inspiring to see and easily surpassed the results that everyone got this weekend.

I felt very fortunate to be able to witness this past weekend.  Congratulations to all who competed and represented CFO!